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Get a Deep Insight into the DNA Sequencing and PCR Markets

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DNA Sequencing and PCR Markets

The focus of this TriMark Publications report is to describe the specific segment of the life sciences market called DNA sequencing. This analysis includes all of the generally-accepted DNA-oriented analytical activities that are currently used today, such as enabling technologies like polymerase chain reaction (PCR). It examines these measurement technology platforms and their reagents and supplies as utilized in biotechnology research, pharmacology and healthcare. Generally, diagnostic tests which are marketed primarily as over-the-counter products directly to patients are not included in this study, although there is inevitably some overlap. This examination will: 1) identify viable technology drivers through a comprehensive look at various platform technologies for molecular sequencing, including immunoassays electrophoretic methods, probe-based nucleic acid assays, microarrays and non-PCR sequencing; 2) obtain a complete understanding of the chief molecular sequencing tests for predictive, screening, prognostic, monitoring, pharmacogenomic and theranostic applications; 3) discover feasible market opportunities via an identification of high-growth applications in different therapeutic areas, with a focus on the biggest and expanding markets-communicable diseases, cardiology and oncology; and 4) focus on global industry development through an in-depth analysis of the major world markets for molecular sequencing, including forecasts for growth.

1. Overview 

1.1 Statement of Report 

1.2 About This Report 

1.3 Scope of the Report 

1.4 Methodology 

1.5 Executive Summary 

2. Introduction to DNA Sequencing and Amplification and PCR Technology 

2.1 Science Overview: Introduction to DNA 

2.1.1 DNA Sequencing and PCR Applications Space 

2.1.2 Proteomics 

2.1.3 Products for the Genomics Market 

2.2 The Impact of the Human Genome Project on Molecular Biology 

2.3 Impact of DNA Sequencing Techniques on Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and
Healthcare Industries 

2.4 Molecular Diagnostics in the Post-genomic Era-The Role of SNPs 

2.5 Advances in Molecular Diagnostic Technologies 

2.6 The Use of PCR Technology 

2.7 Genetic Variability and Disease 

3. Market Analysis of PCR and DNA Sequencing Product Market 

3.1 Overview of the Sequencing and Amplification Market 

3.1.1 Highlights of DNA Sequencing Market 

3.1.2 Genomic Analysis Market Development 

3.1.3 Leading U.S. and Canadian Companies Offering Sequencing Technology

3.1.4 Competition 

3.1.5 Markets for DNA Sequencing 

3.1.6 Market Opportunity 

3.1.7 Market Dynamics 

3.1.8 Overview of Current DNA Sequencing Technology Platforms and Players 

3.1.9 Limitations of Current Sequencing Technologies 

3.1.10 Overview of the Life Science Marketplace 

3.1.11 Research Laboratories Market Share 

3.2 Paradigm Shift in Drug Discovery and Development 

3.2.1 Systems Biology and the Need for More Effective Tools 

3.2.2 Molecular Medicine and the New Therapeutics 

3.2.3 Pharmacogenomics Using Genotyping and Phenotyping Clinical Biomarkers 

3.2.4 The Market 

3.3 Detection of Amplified DNA 

3.3.1 Nucleic Acid Amplification Methods 

3.3.2 Amplification of Refractory Mutation System (ARMS) 

3.4 DNA Reagent Applications Market Share and Key Players 

3.4.1 Product Description Pricing 

3.5 PCR/DNA Testing Market Analysis 

3.5.1 Nucleic Acid-Amplification and Detection Systems: How Big a Market? 

3.5.2 Market Size 2004-2010 and Growth Projections in DNA Amplification
Instrumentation U.S. Market European Market 

3.5.3 Market Share of Key Players in DNA Amplification 

3.6 The Drivers of the Biotech Industry 

3.6.1 Isolation of DNA for PCR Profiling 

3.6.2 Analysis by PCR-Based DNA Typing 

3.6.3 Rapid Isolation of DNA for RFLP and PCR 

3.6.4 DNA for PCR-STR Typing 

3.7 Biotechnology Instrumentation Outlook 

3.7.1 Products for the Genomics Market 

3.7.2 Genetic Analysis Products 

4. Use of PCR and DNA Amplification Products 

4.1 PCR Components 

4.1.1 Primers for PCR 

4.1.2 Equipment for PCR 

4.2 Sources of DNA for PCR 

4.3 PCR Primer Sequence 

4.4 Thermostable DNA Polymerases 

4.5 PCR Protocols 

4.6 Microfluidic Automated DNA Analysis Using PCR 

5. Technical Trends in PCR 

5.1 Practical Applications of PCR 

5.1.1 Overview 

5.2 Quality Control Issues in PCR 

5.3 Determining Length of cDNA Product 

5.3.1 Direct Signal Amplification Using the Invader Assay 

5.3.2 Biosensor Technologies DNA Hybridization Biosensor Chips PNA-Based Biosensors 

5.4 Novel Nucleic Acid Amplification Techniques 

5.5 Microplate Readers 

5.6 Genotyping Methods 

5.6.1 Use of DNA Sequencers Capillary-Based Sequencers Pyrosequencing 

5.6.2 Use of Microarrays 

5.7 RiboMaker Detection System 

5.8 RNA Isolation Kits 

5.9 Nucleic Acid Sample Prep Platforms 

5.10 DNA Microarrays 

5.10.1 The Technique 

5.10.2 The Market 

5.10.3 Gene Expression Monitoring Arrays 

5.11 Emerging Markets of DNA Arrays 

5.12 Alternatives to PCR Amplification 

5.12.1 Locked Nucleic Acids (LNAs) 

5.12.2 Multiplexed Nuclease-Protection Assay and ArrayPlate 

6. Corporate Directory 

6.1 Abbott Laboratories 

6.2 Affymetrix 

6.3 Agilent Technologies 

6.4 AgriGen Biotech Pty 

6.5 GE Healthcare 

6.6 Applera Applied Biosystems 

6.7 Avesthagen Gengraine Technologies, Pvt. 

6.8 Bayer Corporation 

6.9 BD Biosciences 

6.10 Beckman Coulter 

6.11 BGI Life Tech 

6.12 bioMerieux 

6.13 Bioneer 

6.14 Bio-Rad Laboratories 

6.15 BioTrove 

6.16 Caliper LifeSciences 

6.17 Cepheid 

6.18 Cogenics (A subsidiary of Clinical Data) 

6.19 CombiMatrix Corporation 

6.20 Commonwealth Biotechnologies 

6.21 Complete Genomics 

6.22 CuraGen Corporation 

6.23 Cytocell 

6.24 Dako A/S 

6.25 DiaDexus 

6.26 DNA LandMarks 

6.27 DNAVision 

6.28 Enzo Biochem 

6.29 Epicentre 

6.30 Eppendorf AG 

6.31 Eurofins Medigenomix 

6.32 Exiqon 

6.33 Febit Biomed 

6.34 Geneart AG 

6.35 GeneticTechnologies Limited 

6.36 GeneWorks 

6.37 Genisphere 

6.38 Genizon BioSciences 

6.39 Genovoxx 

6.40 Gen-Probe 

6.41 Genset 

6.42 Genta 

6.43 Genzyme 

6.44 GVK BIO 

6.45 Hamilton Thorne Biosciences 

6.46 Helicos BioSciences Corporation 

6.47 High Throughput Genomics 

6.48 Hokkaido System Science 

6.49 Hy Laboratories 

6.50 Illumina 

6.51 Incyte Corporation 

6.52 Integrated DNA Technologies 

6.53 Invitrogen 

6.54 Inqaba Biotechnical Industries 

6.55 Johnson & Johnson 

6.56 Kreatech Holding BV 

6.57 LI-COR 

6.58 Sygnis Pharma AG 

6.59 Lucigen 

6.60 Luminex Corporation 

6.61 Meridian Biosciences 

6.62 Microchip Biotechnologies 

6.63 Microsynth AG 

6.64 MilleGen SA 

6.65 Millennium Pharmaceuticals 

6.66 MWG Biotech AG 

6.67 Myriad Genetics 

6.68 Nanogen 

6.69 Nanosys 

6.70 Nymox 

6.71 Ocimum Biosolutions 

6.72 Orchid Cellmark 

6.73 Ostex 

6.74 Pacific Biosciences 

6.75 PamGene 

6.76 Perlegen Sciences 

6.77 PPD 

6.78 PPGx 

6.79 PrimmBiotech 

6.80 Promega 

6.81 Biotage 

6.82 QIAGEN 

6.83 Quidel 

6.84 Research Biolabs Pte 

6.85 Roche Diagnostics 

6.86 Shanghai Sangon Biological Engineering Technology & Services Co. 

6.87 Saturn Biotech 

6.88 Sequenom 

6.89 Sequetech 

6.90 Shimadzu Biotech 

6.91 Siemens AG 

6.92 Tepnel Life Sciences 

6.93 Third Wave Technologies 

6.94 Visible Genetics 

6.95 VisiGen Biotechnologies 

6.96 Vysis 

6.97 Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute 

6.98 ZS Genetics 

7. Market Trends and Forecasts 

7.1 Market Dynamics 

7.2 Future Considerations for Molecular Diagnostics 

7.3 How Genomics is Transforming Pharmaceutical R&D 

7.4 Cancer Markers 

7.5 NAT and Personalized Medicine 

7.6 Three Growth Areas of Molecular Diagnostics 

7.7 RNA Detection 

7.8 Ramification Amplification Method 

7.9 Invader Assays/Third Wave Technologies 

7.10 Molecular Beacons 

8. Major Product Innovations/Launches in DNA Sequencing Industry 

8.1 Major Product Innovations/Launches in DNA Sequencing Industry 

8.2 Major Activities in DNA Sequencing Industry 


Figure 2.1: Segment of Double-Stranded DNA Showing the Base-Pair 

Figure 3.1: Global Market for DNA Sequencing 

Figure 4.1: Cepheid's I-CORE Module 


Table 3.1: Global Market for DNA Sequencing 

Table 3.2: DNA Sequencing Market Players 

Table 3.3: Major DNA Product Companies in Europe 

Table 3.4: Major DNA Product Companies in Asia and Australia 

Table 3.5: Major DNA Product Companies in Japan 

Table 3.6: Major DNA Product Companies in Rest of the World 

Table 3.7: Market Revenue and Market Share of DNA Sequencing Market Players 

Table 3.8: Thermal Cyclers Marketed by Applied Biosystems 

Table 3.9: Applied Biosystems' Real-Time PCR Systems 

Table 3.10: Applied Biosystems Genetic Analysis Instruments 

Table 3.11: Gene Expression Assays Offered by Applied Biosystems 

Table 3.12: SNP Genotyping Assays Offered by Applied Biosystems 

Table 3.13: Comparison of Established Genomic Analysis Technologies 

Table 3.14: Life Science Techniques Frequently Used 

Table 3.15: The Most Commonly Used Reagents Used by Life Science Researchers

Table 3.16: The Most Commonly Used Instruments and Apparatus in Life Science

Table 3.17: The Most Widely Reported Categories of Software in Life Science

Table 3.18: Reagents and Equipment Sales for Use in DNA Sequencing Worldwide

Table 3.19: Global Market for Tools and Consumables Used in Drug Discovery 
and Development, Clinical Diagnostics and Biomedical Research 

Table 3.20: Key Bioassay Technologies in the Life Sciences Industry 

Table 3.21: Nucleic Acid Amplification Methods 

Table 3.22: Properties of Various Acid Amplification Techniques 

Table 3.23: Amplification Reagent Product Description 

Table 3.24: Standard Prep Pricing 

Table 3.25: Small Target Prep Pricing 

Table 3.26: Hybridization Pricing 

Table 3.27: Analysis Pricing 

Table 3.28: U.S. Market Size 2004-2010 in DNA Amplification Instrumentation 

Table 3.29: Market Share of Key Players in DNA Amplification Thermostable

Table 3.30: Leading Manufacturers of Thermal Cyclers and Market Share 

Table 4.1: ThermoFisherMolecular Biology Thermal Cyclers 

Table 4.2: PCR Systems and Thermocyclers 

Table 5.1: RiboMaker(TM) Assays to be Introduced for Cancer and Pathogen 

Table 8.1: The Key Bioassay Technologies in the Life Sciences Industry

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