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Get a Deep Insight into the Future Handset Connectivity Technologies

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - July 16, 2008) - announces that a new market research report related to the Hardware computer equipment industry is available in its catalogue.

Future Handset Connectivity Technologies

Future Handset Connectivity Technologies gives first-hand insights into the development of Bluetooth, WLAN, NFC and UWB technologies for mobile handsets.

This report in the VAS Research Series from Berg Insight provides you with 100 pages of unique business intelligence including 5-year industry forecasts and expert commentary on which to base your business decisions.

This report will allow you to:

- Understand the opportunities and challenges with integration of new connectivity technologies in mobile handsets.

- Learn about the strategies for Bluetooth, WLAN, NFC and UWB of the leading chipset and handset vendors in the mobile industry.

- Identify drivers and barriers for industry-wide adoption of new technology.

- Predict future design trends and technology developments.

- Anticipate the timing of mass-market introduction of new handset connectivity features.

This report answers the following questions:

- How will Bluetooth evolve in the future handset environment?

- What is the roadmap for integration of WLAN in mass-market mobile phones?

- When will NFC become a widespread handset connectivity technology?

- Does UWB have a future in the mobile industry?

- Which connectivity technologies are being adopted by the main handset manufacturers?

- What impact will new technologies have on the wireless chipset value chain?

- How is the greater diversity of radios affecting wireless chipset and handset design?

- What is the current status of the standardisation work?

1 Mobile connectivity technologies
1.1 Wireless communication technologies

1.1.1 Personal area and local area network technologies
1.1.2 Cellular mobile communication technologies
1.1.3 Spectrum and interference
1.1.4 Technical comparison

1.2 Broadcast connectivity technologies

1.2.1 Radio
1.2.2 Mobile TV
1.2.3 GPS

1.3 Handset platforms and connectivity integration

1.3.1 Handset hardware and software platforms
1.3.2 Horizontal and vertical integration of connectivity technologies

1.4 Single chip versus discrete chip integration
1.5 Handset value-chain overview

1.5.1 Cellular chipset vendors
1.5.2 Connectivity chipset vendors
1.5.3 Handset OS and software vendors
1.5.4 Handset manufacturers

1.6 Drivers and barriers to integration

1.6.1 Bluetooth
1.6.2 WLAN
1.6.3 UWB
1.6.4 NFC

2 Bluetooth in mobile phones
2.1 Overview of the Bluetooth technology

2.1.1 Bluetooth specifications
2.1.2 Bluetooth applications and profiles

2.2 Bluetooth and other connectivity technologies

2.2.1 Bluetooth and FM radio
2.2.2 Bluetooth and WLAN
2.2.3 Bluetooth and GPS
2.2.4 Bluetooth and cellular baseband integration

2.3 Company profiles

2.3.1 Broadcom
2.3.2 CSR
2.3.3 Infineon Technologies
2.3.4 Qualcomm

3 Wireless LAN in mobile phones
3.1 Overview of Wireless LAN

3.1.1 WLAN standards
3.1.2 WLAN in mobile phones

3.2 WLAN and Bluetooth coexistence
3.3 Company profiles

3.3.1 Atheros Communications
3.3.2 Marvell
3.3.3 Nanoradio
3.3.4 Redpine Signals
3.3.5 STMicroelectronics and NXP wireless joint venture
3.3.6 Texas Instruments

4 NFC and UWB technologies
4.1 Overview of NFC and UWB technologies
4.2 Near Field Communication technology and standards

4.2.1 NFC modes
4.2.2 NFC solution architecture and chipsets
4.3 Ultra wideband technology and standards
4.3.1 WiMedia Alliance
4.3.2 Certified Wireless USB

4.4 Company profiles

4.4.1 Alereon
4.4.2 Artimi
4.4.3 Gemalto
4.4.4 Innovision
4.4.5 Inside Contactless
4.4.6 NXP Semiconductors
4.4.7 Realtek
4.4.8 Sony
4.4.9 Staccato Communications
4.4.10 Wisair
4.4.11 WiQuest Communications

5 Handset manufacturers
5.1 Nokia
5.2 Samsung Electronics
5.3 Motorola
5.4 Sony Ericsson
5.5 LG Electronics
5.6 Research In Motion
5.7 HTC
5.8 Second tier handset vendors

5.8.1 Acer / E-TEN
5.8.2 Apple
5.8.3 ASUSTeK
5.8.4 BenQ
5.8.5 Fujitsu
5.8.6 Gigabyte
5.8.7 Hewlett Packard
5.8.8 i-mate
5.8.9 Mio Technology
5.8.10 NEC
5.8.11 Palm
5.8.12 Panasonic
5.8.13 Sagem
5.8.14 Sharp
5.8.15 Toshiba

6 Market trends and forecasts
6.1 Market trends
6.2 Worldwide handset sales
6.3 Handset shipments by connectivity standard
6.4 IC vendor market shares
6.5 Connectivity IC shipment forecasts
6.6 Connectivity IC revenue forecasts


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