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Get a Deep Insight into the World Specialty Printing Consumables Market

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World Specialty Printing Consumables Market

This report analyzes the US market for Specialty Printing Consumables in Millions of US$. The specific product segments analyzed are Inks and Toners, Specialty Substrates, and Specialty Chemicals. The report provides comprehensive market analytics. Annual forecasts are provided for each product segment for the period of 2011 through 2015. The report profiles 95 companies including many key and niche players such as Central Ink Corporation, Color Resolutions International LLC,.The Dow Chemical Company,DuPont Performance Coatings, Environmental Inks and Coatings Corporation, Flint Group, Ink Systems, Inc., INX International Ink Co., Hostmann-Steinberg Inc ., Nazdar, Sensient Technologies Corporation, Fujifilm Sericol U.S.A., Inc. , Sun Chemical Corporation, Superior Printing Ink Co., Inc., Toyo Ink America LLC , Wikoff Color Corp, American Ink Jet Corporation, Braden Sutphin, Day International, Inc. , Gans Ink and Supply Company, Inc., Graphic Sciences Inc., Handschy Industries, Heidelberg USA, Inc., Holt Sublimation Printing & Products, Polytex Environmental Inks, Ltd ., Prisco (Printers' Service) , RBP Chemical Technology Inc., Tempil Ink, Inc.., and Van Son Holland Ink Corp. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are mostly extracted from URL research and reported select online sources

I. INTRODUCTION, METHODOLOGY & PRODUCT DEFINITIONS Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations I-1

Disclaimers I-2

Data Interpretation & Reporting Level I-2

Quantitative Techniques & Analytics I-3

Product Definitions and Scope of Study I-3

a. Inks and Toners I-3

b. Specialty Substrates I-3

c. Specialty Chemicals I-4


1. Industry Overview II-1

Current and Future Analysis II-1

Inks and Toners II-1

Specialty Substrates II-1

Specialty Chemicals II-1

Specialty Printing Industry Experiencing Waves of Modernization II-2

Printing Industry Steadfast on Specialty Printing Consumables II-2

Producers Firm on Technological Developments II-2

Staying Connected II-3

International Production Standards Proving Beneficial II-3

Giants of Other Industries Entering into the Market II-3

Factors Shaping the Market II-4

2. Outlook II-5

Specialty Printing Inks to Find New Markets II-5

Color Printing - Boon to the US Printing Consumable Industry II-5

Packaging Industry Shaping Specialty Printing Consumables Market II-5

3. Market Trends II-6

Specialty Toner Adds Zing to Inks and Toner Market II-6

Metallic Inks Realizing Vibrant Growth II-6

Rising Costs Pose Challenge II-6

Specialty Papers Growing with Printing Inks II-6

Environment-Friendly Synthetic Papers Gaining Significance II-7

Specialty Paper Chemicals - The Cash Cow II-7

Water Based Inks Turning Popular II-7

Customer Loyalty - A Tool to Capitalize On II-8

Emerging Electronic Media Casts Shadow on Printing Inks II-8

Color Pigments Market Witnessing Growth II-8

Non-VOC Compounds Preferred over Solvent-based II-8

New Printing Technologies Influencing US Toners Market II-8

Coated Paper - The Budding Segment with Increased Digital Ink Applications II-9

Durability - A Key Factor for Inkjet Market II-9

4. Industry Dynamics II-10 Giants Preferring Backward Integration II-10 Printing Industry Facing Environmental Regulations II-10 Remanufactured Cartridges Stealing OEMs Profit II-10

5. Segmental Analysis II-11

Specialty Inks and Toners II-11

Specialty Inks Sure to Lure the Market II-11

US Imports and Exports of Printing Inks II-12

Table 1: US Printing Inks Imports (2005 & 2006): Import Value of Printing Ink (Black) into the US by Country in '000 US$ II-12

Table 2: US Printing Inks Exports (2005 & 2006): Export Value of Printing Ink (Black) from the US by Country in '000 US$ (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-13

Table 3: US Printing Inks Imports (2005 & 2006): Import Value of Printing Ink (Other than Black) into the US by Country in '000 US$ (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-14

Table 4: US Printing Inks Exports (2005 & 2006): Export Value of Printing Ink (Other than Black) from the US by Country in '000 US$ (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-15

Table 5: US Specialty Printing Consumables Market (2004): Ink Revenues of Leading Specialty Ink Manufacturers (In US$ Million) (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-16

Specialty Substrates II-16

Synthetic Papers Gaining Stronghold II-17

Specialty Chemicals II-17

Chemicals Consolidating II-17

6. Product Overview II-18

Specialty Printing Consumables II-18

Metallic and Pearlescent Inks - Most Popular II-18

Digital Printing - Gains for Coated Paper and Digital Inks federal II-18

Categories of Specialty Printing Consumables II-18

I. Printing Inks and Toners II-19

Specialty Printing Inks II-19

Offset or Lithography Inks II-19

Flexographic Inks II-19

Gravure Inks II-19

Oil-based Letterpress Inks II-19

Specialty Printing Inks II-19

A. Fluorescent Inks II-20

B. Thermochromic Inks II-20

C. Photochromic Inks II-20

D. Metallic Inks II-20

E. Phosporescent Inks II-20

F. Conductive Inks II-20

G. Pearlescent Inks II-21

H. Sterilization Indicator Inks II-21

I. Miscellaneous Inks II-21

Infrared/Reflective Inks II-21

Scratch and Sniff Inks II-21

Luminescent Inks II-21

Intaglio Inks II-21

Toners II-22

II. Specialty Substrates II-22

A. Synthetic Papers II-22

B. Coated Papers II-23

III. Specialty Chemicals II-23

A. Cleaning Fluids & Wipes II-23

B. Coatings & Varnishes II-23

C. Adhesives II-24

D. Other Chemicals II-24

Major Specialty Chemicals Used in Printing Industry II-24

7. End-Use Analysis II-25

Table 6: US Specialty Printing Consumables Market (2002-2005) - Percentage Breakdown of Value Sales by Major End-Use Industry - Packaging, Publishing, Commercial Printing and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-25

A. Packaging Industry II-25

An Introduction to Packaging Industry II-25

Packaging Industry in the US II-26

Table 7: Consumption of Specialty Printing Consumables by the US Packaging Industry (2003-2005) - Percentage Breakdown of Dollar Sales by Packaging Application for Flexible Packaging, Rigid Containers, Packaging Labels, and Other Packaging Applications (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-26

Smart Labels II-27

Food Products II-27

Pharmaceutical Products II-27

Flexible Packaging Encountering Substantial Gains II-27

B. Publishing Industry II-28

An Introduction II-28

Publishing Industry in the US II-28

C. Commercial Printing Industry II-28

An Introduction II-28

Commercial Printing in the US II-28

D. Other Industries II-29

Security Documents and Brand Protection Industry II-29

An Introduction II-29

Security Market in the US II-29

Textile and Apparel Printing Industry II-29

Electronic Industry II-30

Inventory and Supply Chain Management Industry II-30

Toys and Games Industry II-31

8. Product Launches II-32

Flint Group Launches Eco-friendly Ink Suite II-32

Nazdar Unveils Lyson(R) 2100 Line II-32

Sun Chemical Launches Novel UV Coat System II-32

Sun Chemical Launches UV TRANS(TM) Ink System II-32

Sun Chemical Unveils SolarJet(TM) UV Inkjet Printer II-32

Sun Chemical Launches Synergy(TM) UV Products II-32

Superior Printing Ink Introduces Updated UV Sheetfed Product Suite II-33

Media Sciences Enhances Solid Ink and Toner Lines II-33

Nazdar Launches UV Curable Digital Inkjet Inks II-33

Sun Chemical Screen Launches New Ink Systems II-33

Nazdar Launches Low Odor Inkjet Inks II-33

Sun Chemicals Launches Solvent Flexo Printing Substitutes II-33

Sun Chemicals Launches Vegetable Oil-based Metallic Inks II-34

Sun Chemical Screen Unveils Latest Ink Feed Systems II-34

Sun Chemical Launches High Performance Aqueous Coatings II-34

Hexion Introduces New UV-Curable Inks II-34

SunJet Launches Digital Solutions for Plastic Cards and Mailing II-34

Hostmann-Steinberg Unveils Flexographic Inks II-34

Media Sciences Launches New Solid Ink and Toner Lines for Office Color Printers II-35

Sun Chemical Launches Streamline(TM) Inkjet Inks II-35

Hostmann-Steinberg Launches !nkredible II-35

Sun Chemical Launches Improved Packaging Inks II-35

Performance Pigments Introduces SunFlo Dispersants II-35

Sun Chemical Introduces New Sheetfed Inks II-35

Nazdar Launches Latest UV ScreenInks II-36

SunJet Launches UV Curing Inkjet Inks II-36

Nazdar Launches New Screen Process Colors II-36

Sun Chemical Launches Latest Technology for Commercial Packaging Sector II-36

Sun Chemical Launches New Exacat PSO(TM) Inks II-36

Sun Chemical Introduces Express(TM) Process Inks II-37

Sun Chemical Launches Improved Coldset Inks and Services II-37

Sun Chemical Launches Web Headset Printer Inks II-37

Flint Ink Rolls Out Sheetfed Inks II-37

Flint Ink Releases Training and Troubleshooting CD II-37

Sun Chemical Launches Solaris II-38

Flint Ink Unveils New Arrowlith UV Inks II-38

Flint Ink Launches Rub'nSmell Scented Inks II-38

Xink Introduces New Product Line in Printing Inks II-38

EMD Chemicals Launches Miraval Pigments II-38

EMD Chemicals Appends Colorstream Pigments Line II-38

EMD Chemicals Unveils Pearprint Litho S Pigment II-39

EMD Chemicals Expands Minatec Series II-39

Silberline Introduces New Aluminum Pigment Pellets II-39

Environmental Ink Launches New Products II-39

RBP Chemical Introduces Aqueous Coatings II-39

Hitachi Releases MICR Toner Cartridges II-39

Ciba Introduces a New Range of Water-Soluble Dyes II-39

INX International Launches New Products for UV Printing II-40

Eckart America Introduces Mirror Effect Ink II-40

Oki Data Launches OKI(R) Line of Paper and Film II-40

Oki Data Introduces OKI(R) Line of Paper and Film II-40

Sawgrass Offers New Sublimations Inks and Toners II-40

INX International Launches UNICure Line of Hybrid Litho Inks II-41

Arcar Graphics Launches Innovative Flexographic Inks II-41

Akzo Nobel Introduces Metalglow S Screen Metallic Inks II-41

Environmental Inks & Coatings Launches New Ink System II-41

US Ink Launches Spectra Max Color Inks II-41

Intercolor Launches Omnicure Low Odor UV Flexo Ink II-41

9. Recent Industry Activity II-42

INX International Takes Over Innovative Solutions Inc II-42

Evonik Pockets DEC II-42

ZINK Partners with TOMY II-42

Nazdar Revamps Lyson(R) 2000 Product Line II-42

Electronics for Imaging Inc Takes Over Jetrion LLC II-42

Braden Sutphin Ink Co Acquires Mix & Match and Pro-Line Printing II-42

Dover Corporation Takes Over O'Neil II-43

National Starch and Chemical Company Acquires XINK Laboratories II-43

Nazdar Acquires Lyson Ltd II-43

INX International to Purchase Majority Share of Triangle Digital II-43

Rutland Holdings to Acquire Union Ink Co II-43

Sun Chemicals Acquires License to Market DataLase Inks II-43

Flint Ink Merges with XSYS Print Solutions II-43

Sun Chemical Acquires Certain Assets of Veritec Group II-44

Sun Chemical Acquires Assets of CBS Printas II-44

Sun Chemical Acquires Rycoline II-44

Sun Chemical and Inca Enter Marketing Alliance II-44

Sun Chemical Establishes Sun Chemical Security II-44

Saratoga Divests Sericol to Fujifilm II-44

Wikoff Color Acquires Assets of Merit Ink II-45

Apollo Management Signs Agreement with Borden II-45

Apollo Management Enters into Agreement with Eastman Chemical II-45

Nazdar Signs Agreement with Encres Dubuit II-45

BASF Divests BASF Printing Systems II-45

Siegwerk Acquires Packaging Inks Maker, Color Converting Inc. II-46

Saratoga Partners Acquires Sericol II-46

Flint Ink Acquires Certain Businesses of Lausanne II-46

Noveon Acquires Production Facilities from Flint II-46

Sun Chemicals Enters into an Alliance with InkSure Technologies II-46

Flint Establishes a New Business - Jetrion LLC II-46

Silberline Completes Re-Engineering Project II-47

Color Resolutions International Shifts Headquarter II-47

Arsenal Capital Partners Takes Over Printing Solution II-47

Mead Corp. Merges with Westvaco Corp. II-47

Flint Announces Merger of European Business with Gebr. Schmidt II-47

Sun Chemicals Acquires Half Stake in AIC II-47

Sensient Takes Over Syntec and ECS Specialty Inks & Dyes Businesses II-48

Sensient Buys Out Industrial Dye Business II-48

Flint Enters into Agreement with KeyMaster II-48

Akzo Nobel Resins Acquires Solutia's Printing Inks Resins Unit II-48

Color Resolutions Acquires Printing Ink Unit of Borden Chemical II-48

Hindustan Inks & Resins Inaugurates New Subsidiary in the US II-48

Sun Chemical Takes Over Swale Process (UK) and GB Products International (US) II-48

Braden Sutphin Sets Up UV Flexo Ink Plant II-49

10. Focus on Major Players II-50

Leading Players II-50

Central Ink Corporation II-50

Color Resolutions International LLC II-50

The Dow Chemical Company II-50

DuPont Performance Coatings II-50

Environmental Inks and Coatings Corporation II-51

Flint Group II-51

Ink Systems, Inc. II-51

INX International Ink Co. II-51

Hostmann-Steinberg Inc II-52

Nazdar II-52

Sensient Technologies Corporation II-52

Fujifilm Sericol U.S.A., Inc. II-52

Sun Chemical Corporation II-52

Superior Printing Ink Co., Inc. II-53

Toyo Ink America LLC II-53

Wikoff Color Corp II-53

Other Players II-53 American Ink Jet Corporation II-53

Braden Sutphin Ink II-53

Day International, Inc. II-53

Gans Ink and Supply Company, Inc. II-54

Graphic Sciences Inc. II-54

Handschy Industries II-54

Heidelberg USA, Inc. II-54

Holt Sublimation Printing & Products II-54

Polytex Environmental Inks, Ltd II-55

Prisco (Printers' Service) II-55

RBP Chemical Technology Inc II-55

Tempil Ink, Inc. II-55

Van Son Holland Ink Corp. II-55

11. Market Analytics II-56

Table 8: US Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis for Specialty Printing Consumables by Product Segment - Inks and Toners, Specialty Substrates, and Specialty Chemicals Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual Sales Figures in US$ Million for Years 2000 through 2010 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-56

Table 9: US Long-Term Projections for Specialty Printing Consumables by Product Segment - Inks and Toners, Specialty Substrates, and Specialty Chemicals Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual Sales Figures in US$ Million for Years 2011 through 2015(includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-56

Table 10: US 11-Year Perspective for Specialty Printing Consumables by Product Segment - Percentage Breakdown of Dollar Sales for Inks and Toners, Specialty Substrate and Specialty Chemicals Markets for Years 2000, 2007 & 2010 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-57


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