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October 23, 2012 13:00 ET

Get Everyday Problems off Your Plate with Veterinary Practice Management Tools

How and When to Delegate - Find Out With a Free Veterinary Management Video from Veterinary Practice Solutions

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Oct. 23, 2012) - Veterinary Practice Solutions - In addition to being a vet, veterinarians in private practice also have to take care of business. But they too often find themselves caught up in solving small problems that should be on someone else's plate. Veterinary Practice Solutions has released a video containing the veterinary practice management tools needed to determine how and when to delegate, so practice owners can focus on higher priorities.

When a vet first starts out in practice, they are sometimes on their own. Soon there's someone on the front desk, then a vet assistant, them someone to take care of the billing and collections, and so on.

One of the most common problems during this initial period of growth is figuring out how and when to delegate what to whom. Not understanding exactly how to do this can result in scenarios you would never expect before they happen to you.

"Not too long after I started in practice, I was in the middle of a complicated surgery when one of my staff walked into the operating room and told me we're out of bathroom tissue," said Dr. Joel Parker, DVM, President and co-founder of Veterinary Practice Solutions (VPS), a veterinary practice management consulting company. "Maybe this hasn't happened to every vet, but we've all experience something similar. Of course, my reaction was 'There's five staff out there! Why are they bothering me with this problem?' That started me on the road to wondering what I was missing."

While figuring out how to get this situation under control, Dr. Parker realized that this wasn't the only small decision he was required to make every day.

"Employees were coming to me with all kinds of problems," he explained. "We were out of a certain drug or other supply, a client doesn't show up for an appointment, the insurance company didn't pay a bill, someone wanted an extra half hour at lunchtime - it didn't matter what it was, if a problem came up or a decision had to be made, they came to me."

Because of this situation, Dr. Parker said, many vets are still working long after the staff has gone home to their families. And they still don't have the time to do their job as an executive.

Dr. Parker has since figured out exactly how to handle this problem. He is now a specialist in veterinary practice management, and helps other vets overcome this and other barriers to growth.

To find out more about how to delegate and get problems solved by others in your practice, watch Whiteboard Wednesday - Clogged Toilet Management, one of Dr. Parker's many free, veterinary management instructive videos on the VPS YouTube channel.

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