September 19, 2011 02:55 ET

Get Ready for Winter With an Electric Fireplace -- Take Advantage of an Introductory Offer

TOLUCA LAKE, CA--(Marketwire - Sep 19, 2011) - Electric fireplaces are not only practical decorative accessories to an existing room or new addition -- they add value to the home. According to Stan Solo at (an ecommerce outlet specializing in electric space heating): "home and apartment owners find that a functional decorative electric fireplace is easy to install, safer than gas or wood-burning fireplaces, and provides an excellent focus for family or guest entertaining year round. The broad range of electric fireplace designs, ranging from traditional to sleek wall-mounted units, allows homeowners to find one that fits perfectly with their décor," he says.

Families that might be reluctant to add a fireplace due to safety concerns should understand that they do not create "flames," only heat and a flame effect. They must meet electric codes and can be placed anywhere away from flammable materials. "A modern electric fireplace, unlike gas units, requires no outside venting, only a source of 120-volt 15-amp power," Solo explains. "They can be controlled by wall-mounted thermostats or by a remote similar to those used for air conditioners. Other features available on some units allow users to adjust the flame height and speed and flame effects." As Solo concludes, "There is a great abundance of choices for homeowners considering an electric fireplace."

Selecting an electric fire place can be a family event, according to a recently published article titled "An Electric Fireplace Adds Comfort to Your Life and Value to Your Home" by John Williamson.

As Solo notes, "Choices include electric fireplace inserts, floor-mounted fireplaces, corner fireplaces, wall mounted and electric stove fireplaces. Inserts are a great choice if the home already has a fireplace but you are tired of the work involved with their use. Just block the chimney to keep warm air from escaping, then install and connect realistic electric fireplace inserts. Use your own mantle or choose a design from our online catalog."

For traditionalists without an existing fireplace Solo suggests a floor mounted electric fireplace heater. They are available with decorative woodwork finishes and a mantle or in contemporary styles. Realistic "burning logs" or optional crystals produce the same welcome heat as wood-burners. A related design replicates the corner fireplaces found in colonial-era homes.

If floor space is an issue Solo recommends considering wall-mounted electric fireplaces that have proven popular in smaller homes. Some models are approved for use in mobile homes.
Finally, customers recalling old-time coal or wood burning parlor stoves often opt for electric stove heaters similar to the cast iron finishes and isinglass or mica windows of yesteryear but fabricated of rugged composites. "Because these are free-standing they will automatically turn off if tipped," Mr. Solo says.

Just in time for the change in seasons the company is offering a 10% discount on the purchase price when buyers insert "HSOJWOFF" promotional code during check out.

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