January 31, 2011 01:01 ET

'Get Rid of Clutter and Reduce Stress in 2011', Say Self Storage Experts

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Jan. 31, 2011) - Flexistore are encouraging homeowners to alleviate stress in 2011 by starting the year with a good clear out. Clutter can be a big trigger for stress and getting rid of it in your home can make a huge difference to your well-being.

According to a poll conducted by About.com, over a third of the people interviewed avoided going home because of the clutter in their homes while only 10% of people said they have clutter-free homes.

With January being a stressful month after Christmas, Flexistore say the best way to combat this is to make room for all you have accumulated over the festive period. Getting rid of clutter is the best way to start the New Year, especially with the cold weather keeping us indoors for the next few months; if we are going to be spending so much time inside, it is important that our homes are a relaxing and comfortable space.

A spokesperson for Flexistore, who provide expert self storage solutions all over the country, commented: 'Organised de-cluttering can help to clear your mind and encourage a fresh approach to your lifestyle. Start the year without the stress of taking all of your old junk into 2011 – with a sensible de-cluttering plan you can free up plenty of space you didn't even know you had in your home which will help you to relax better in your home'.

Now is the ideal time to start organising your clutter as it means by spring your hard work during the winter should have paid off and you'll already have a well-established strategy for keeping your home clutter-free in place.

Flexistore also have good advice on how to implement this plan: 'Firstly, decide whether you want to tackle the issue room by room or by the type of clutter, for example: furniture, clothing or books. Next think about how much you want to put into storage and what you want to recycle or throw away. Then consider realistically a timeline of dates you want to organise each clear out by. The good thing about self storage is that if you can't decide what to throw away at first you can start by putting it out of the way in storage and then decide on this later'.

If you want to start 2011 with a more organised and relaxing home, Flexistore could be the answer. They are located up and down the UK, so whether you need self storage in Manchester for all your Christmas presents or self storage in London until you decide what to do with that teddy collection, there will be a safe, secure space for your belongings.

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