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March 21, 2013 11:30 ET

Get Rid of Your Timeshare With Right Choice Transfer

TORRANCE, CA--(Marketwire - Mar 21, 2013) - Timeshare owners now have a guaranteed method of disposing of their unwanted timeshare properties. Right Choice Transfer specializes in the legal transfer of timeshares. The company, along with their affiliates, has been in business for nearly a decade and has helped more than 70,000 families permanently end their timeshare ownership and associated fees.

Right Choice Transfer (RCT) is composed of highly experienced consumer advocates, who specialize in providing assistance to timeshare owners in order for them to be permanently released from their timeshare contracts. Complete financial relief is guaranteed from the affiliated timeshare resort. Maintenance fees and any special assessment fees end permanently when the timeshare is transferred.

Right Choice Transfer is not a listing or resale company. RCT distinguishes itself from timeshare listing and resale companies by not charging any additional fees for listing properties or promising to find a buyer. They provide a complete written guarantee for their services. In the volatile U.S. economy, guarantee of the service provided is of extreme importance. Right Choice Transfer offers excellent protection for consumers and provides full-fledged assistance, so that the transfer process can be executed hassle-free for their clients.

In order to provide safe assistance, Right Choice Transfer and its affiliates utilize legal counsel to protect timeshare owners from resorts who frequently attempt to block transfers.

Disposing of a timeshare legally and completely can help consumers find relief from a major financial burden. Many timeshare owners find they are unable to use their timeshare and are no longer in a financial state to afford the cost of ownership. Timeshare properties are often extremely difficult to dispose of. Many fraudulent transactions are perpetuated by scams in the industry. Right Choice Transfer provides safe, legal, professional, and permanent relief from timeshare contracts once considered to be ironclad and life-long.

The founders of RCT and its affiliates are pioneers in the industry of timeshare abatement. The company was created due to the extreme difficulty its owners experienced in getting out of their own timeshare.

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