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November 16, 2010 12:15 ET

Get to Know So You Know: Revolutionizing the World of Emerging Talent

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - November 16, 2010) - "I think that everyone should have access to the entertainment industry," says Maurice Perdreau, SYK CEO. So You Know (SYK) is an entertainment advancement company whose goal is to revolutionize the way emerging talent achieves success in acting, music, and modeling. SYK provides strategies for emerging talent before agency or management. The entertainment industry has, since its inception, been a place where the "haves" have many resources and the "have-nots" have no resources. Maurice Perdreau founded SYK as he saw that there were no resources in the industry for people just starting out.

The SYK experience
The SYK experience is based on the real-world experience of its founder and consultants. Perdreau has been courted by the head of A & R, Peter Edge, at Clive Davis' J Records, and graced the cover of a national catalog. Discovered first as an actor by James Lipton, Lipton would say "this kid is amazing" as Perdreau entered the Actors Studio Drama School at the age of 22. The Seize Your Fame consultants range from a star of Jerry Bruckheimer productions, to a former Sony Music manager, and a national model. They each give their tangible insights to customers on how to achieve success in the entertainment industry.

SYK Today
SYK teaches emerging talent keys to success in the entertainment industry through one-on-one consulting. One customer says, "[The Seize Your Fame session] was great. I got a lot of information I probably wouldn't have got anywhere else. It puts you on a level ground. It puts you on your feet so you actually know what you are doing. I thought it was a big help for anybody trying to work their way up." SYK sells 30 minutes of one-on-one "Seize Your Fame" sessions on a $29.99 weekly payment plan for a once a month session. Find out more at

An SYK future
SYK's vision is to have an industry based more on merit rather than luck and connections. Its mission is to be a harbor for the highly talented but hardly connected who seek success in the entertainment industry. Equally, its goal is to make the chance of a lifetime occur every day. 

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