December 30, 2010 11:05 ET

Get Your GBP 3000 of Free Bets With iFreeBet's Genius System And Paddy Power's Best Offers Yet

EDINBURGH, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Dec. 30, 2010) - This latest offer from Paddy Power is one which will have your Christmas stockings overflowing with gifts and goodies. Thanks to the massive earning potential iFreeBet can easily teach you to harness and Paddy Powers incredible offers you can be earning money from free bets in no time. iFreeBet is your incredibly valuable source of: free bets, information on how to use them and news on the latest and greatest offers. iFreeBets matched betting system gives you the opportunity to take advantage of all the best betting offers from bookmakers around the globe. All you need to do is visit iFreeBet, learn the system and start earning in no time.

Paddy Power Offer One: Get a Free Bet Equal to Your Average Bet Amount

When you make a bet on 12 separate days between the 1st and 21st December, Paddy Power will gift you a free bet to the value of your average over the 12 bets. Using iFreeBet's matched betting system you can take this free bet and use it to get you free betting lifestyle up and running and set yourself up for...

Paddy Power Offer Two: £10,000 Free Giveaway Entry

Once you have undertaken the 12 bet promotion and received your free bet, Paddy Power automatically enter you into their £10,000 free giveaway. You will be in the running to receive one of the 100 prizes out of a £10,000 pot. The top prize being £3000 of free bets! When you get to grips with iFreeBet's matched betting system you will understand just how much you could earn – RISK FREE – from this size of free bet. Plus, that's not all...

Paddy Power Offer Three: Daily Special Bet Offers Through-out December

They're offering enhanced odds specials, money back specials and buy one get one free promotions every day. iFreeBet can explain exactly how you can take advantage of each of these as and when they happen, which essentially means:

Paddy Power + iFreeBet = Liberated Christmas Shopping!

Christmas is a time when everyone could do with a bit more cash, but with the crazy weather affecting everyone's earnings, having a smart betting system like iFreeBet's on the go will ensure you have more than enough cash to see you through to the new year...and beyond.

iFreeBet has perfected their matched betting system, have got their odds matcher optimised and have an unsurpassable compendium of all the latest free bets on their website. All you have to do is, drop in, do some learning and before you know it, offers like this one from Paddy Power will have you drooling more than you will over your Christmas Turkey with all the trimmings. Give it a try...you won't regret it.

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