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November 08, 2011 16:16 ET

Get Your Vote in Gear -- CafePress Launches 2012 Election Shop

Online Election Central Includes Launch of the CafePress Election Meter™*, Tracking T-shirt Sales Trends for the 2012 Election

SAN MATEO, CA--(Marketwire - Nov 8, 2011) - CafePress (, The World's Customization Engine™, today announced the launch of its 2012 Election Shop and the CafePress Election Meter™, which tracks merchandise sales trends for each presidential candidate, as well as current President Barack Obama, on a weekly basis.

The election meter offers a fresh take on national polling, taking into account the idea that real-world political sentiment and trends in candidate popularity can be captured and reflected by sales of user-generated election-themed products. From Herman Cain's unexpected ascent within the GOP primary to the presidential election in November 2012, the election meter will serve as a barometer of the nation's shifting passions on the political climate.

The meter debuted during the 2008 Election and successfully predicted Barack Obama's presidential victory against John McCain based on cumulative sales of related gear for each candidate. On Election Day 2008, Obama had captured nearly 50 percent of sales since November 2007. John McCain ultimately came in second with 20 percent of overall sales.

"As was the case in 2008, merchandise sales can be extremely insightful," said Marc Cowlin, Director of Marketing at CafePress. "On CafePress, which features user-designed products, creating designs and purchasing products is synonymous with political expression. That's what makes our site such an interesting poll, and we're often referred to as a Cultural Barometer®. Our users are among some of the most politically-engaged and use CafePress to voice how they feel about a candidate or a campaign."

The 2012 CafePress Election Meter is comprised of three unique election-themed graphs:

  • Obama Popularity: Incumbent presidents often spark debate and discussion, particularly during an election cycle. Barack Obama is no different, with those who support and oppose the President making their voices heard by designing and purchasing merchandise on CafePress. The Election Meter features a comparison of sales percentages for anti-Obama and pro-Obama products, with 77 percent of all Obama-tagged merchandise anti-Obama, and 23 percent pro-Obama to date in 2011.
  • To-Date Candidate Rankings: In addition to highlighting public sentiment around Obama, the election meter also features a chart capturing aggregate product sales in percentages for each candidate. This list of candidates includes President Obama as well as hopefuls from the GOP field, such as Mitt Romney, Herman Cain, Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann and Ron Paul, who is the current leader with 41 percent of all candidate-tagged merchandise in support of his campaign.
  • Weekly Results: Along with aggregate sales, the meter consists of a weekly results chart, highlighting which presidential candidates saw the largest sales percentages for the previous week.

"The data we feature on the election meter is a real-time look at sentiment around the election," said Cowlin. "Buying behavior is timely and reflects what's happening on the campaign trail," he added.

The election meter graph highlighting aggregate sales percentages for the previous week is especially illustrative of this -- such as the embattled Herman Cain, who is still surging in national polls despite continued controversy, leading all candidate sales from October 31 to November 4, 2011 with 50 percent.

To celebrate the launch of the CafePress Election Central, CafePress is also offering $10 t-shirts for each presidential candidate, available at

Will the CafePress Election Meter data predict election results as it did in the previous election? Only time will tell. When it comes to presidential politics, they certainly point to where the voters' passions lay.

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*Cultural Barometer and CafePress Election Meter are trademarks of CafePress Inc.

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