September 21, 2011 04:00 ET, a New Credit Repair Organization, Opens to Increased Demand

Company Expands Credit Restoration Services to Accommodate Broader Needs

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL--(Marketwire - Sep 21, 2011) - After years of offering a successful Financial Literacy and Credit Education Program at United Debt Counseling, that includes access to a Certified Credit Counselor for 12 months and a free credit repair program, the company has introduced a new website named and a stand-alone credit repair program for consumers that do not require the credit counseling features of the original service.

Judith Lisbin, President of United Debt Counseling, started the new service in response to the huge demand from consumers that don't require the educational component of their regular program. "While many of our clients find their credit reports are damaged by poor credit decisions, delinquent payments and collection activity and can benefit from credit counseling, far more suffer lower credit scores merely because their reports contain negative, erroneous or outdated information that can be removed with the proper challenges," says Ms. Lisbin. "Most consumers don't know the proper way to go about challenging the reports and the process is not user friendly; that's where we come in," added Ms. Lisbin.

The consumer receives a consultation session with a certified credit counselor, an analysis of their credit report from the three major credit-reporting bureaus and a detailed plan of challenges of the items subject to removal from the reports. Once this is complete, the credit repair counselor will begin sending out demands for removal or correction to the credit bureaus, followed by additional ones as needed. Only after work has been done on the client's account are they charged a modest fee in compliance with the Federal Credit Repair Organization Act (CROA).

The company also offers a generous refund policy if they cannot demonstrate progress with your case. "We started this company to help consumers and don't want to have dissatisfied clients if we are unable to get results. Even though we will have done the work to get the erroneous negative items removed, and are entitled to collect a fee, we will refund fees where we cannot demonstrate progress," stated Ms. Lisbin. works with consumers, credit bureaus and creditors to resolve questionable items on the consumer's credit reports. Their counselors are dedicated to assisting the consumers in correcting negative, erroneous and outdated information. Contact 800-665-9981. On the web at

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