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March 01, 2010 08:00 ET

Getfugu Partners With Weiser Creative and Bullseye Marketing to Build Interactive Mobile Applications and 21 Million Home Consumer Campaign and 2.4 Million Retail Business Marketing Program

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA--(Marketwire - March 1, 2010) - Getfugu, Inc. ( (OTCBB: GFGU), the next generation mobile search tool, announced today that Getfugu has signed an agreement with Weiser Creative and Bullseye Marketing to introduce Getfugu to 21 million homes through shared mail, to their current 2,500 businesses and an additional 2.4 Million Retail Businesses targeted through the NewBizPak mailings. The two businesses will also work to develop interactive mobile applications. The global application market is now worth $4.2 billion, with iPhone delivering a share of 70 percent, with 3 billion total downloads of over 140,000 applications. While the iPhone was undeniably the pioneer for turning mobile apps into a success story, there are now opportunities for other platforms, both Microsoft and Google's Android.

These introductions will provide revenue in terms of sales of ARLs to new businesses and increased distribution via greater consumer awareness for the Getfugu application.

In addition to promotion, many more businesses will focus on building their own app stores and offer their own marketplaces at a global level. These will differ from existing global setups in that users will be able to charge their paid-for downloads to their own billing system, as opposed to the current global marketplace system which relies on credit card payments. New apps will include concierge service, maps that point to the consumer's specific desires and include a host of other membership specials for the brands that develop them.

Weiser Creative and Bullseye Marketing, which have worked for such well-known companies as Intuit, City National Bank, Cedars-Sinai Hospital, Hyatt Hotels, Four Seasons Hotels, and Disney, among others, will create a direct mail campaign aimed at commercial enterprises such as restaurants, department stores, auto dealerships, movie theatres, concerts, live stage productions, car washes, and myriad others.

Getfugu's co-founder and business development executive, Rich Jenkins, observed, "Just as Getfugu is applicable to all phone platforms, our key consumer services: 'See it,' 'Say it' and 'Get It' applies to every business, not only in the U.S., but around the world. Business owners should be able to see increased walk-in and Internet sales as customers, able to quickly locate not only a product or service, but the nearest store carrying the item, its location, and a map to the closest venue. It will not be long before purchase of a particular item can be accomplished through Getfugu."

Scott Barker, President and CEO of both Weiser Creative Group and Bullseye Marketing, commented, "We and Getfugu are made for each other. We have proven over the years that great commercial success can be had from directly connecting business with customers. We are certain our association will deliver increased bottom-line results to thousands of businesses, large and small."

Getfugu is already available on several major platforms, including iPhone, BlackBerry, J2ME and Android. Getfugu is a revolutionary new mobile search tool that is designed to work agnostically on the majority of the world's leading phone platforms. The key consumer services: 'See it,' 'Say it' and 'Get It' integrate the phones' core technologies into a single easy-to-use tool. Consumers simply point their phone's camera at a logo (or photo) or speak the brand into the microphone to reach content.

The Getfugu application is also available for free download at

About Getfugu

Getfugu, Inc.'s revolutionary "See It, Say It, Get It" technology is the first carrier agnostic, platform agnostic mobile search platform. Getfugu will change the way people access the web with their mobile phones. It is designed to facilitate and encourage users by integrating the mobile phone's core strengths -- image, voice and location recognition -- into a single customizable application. Additionally, Getfugu offers the only mobile ecommerce platform available worldwide today. The Getfugu platform will soon be available for 97% of the mobile phones available (over 3.3 billion handsets) worldwide.

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About Weiser Creative Group

Weiser Creative Group, located in Westlake Village, CA, is a leader in developing online and offline media and has worked with well-known companies such as Cedars-Sinai Hospital, Hyatt Hotels, Four Seasons Hotels, Amgen, Dole, DTS, The California Endowment and Disney, among others. With more than 23 years experience, we pride ourselves on generating award-winning advertising materials across all mediums: print, web, photography, and branding. We find out what your client wants, we find out what your client needs, and we deliver impactful messaging that gives your client both to create a productive, lasting relationship.

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For more than 15 years, Bullseye Marketing has defined and refined the art of advertising and marketing as a leader in Direct Response Mail and campaign tracking. Their online DRM campaign tracking solution is licensed by companies that include Intuit and City National Bank. They also have a 30,000 square foot printing and production facility in Chatsworth, CA.

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