April 23, 2013 09:00 ET Introduces FlightFinder™ Intelligent Flight Search to Help Travelers Quickly Discover and Book More Affordable Trips

New Travel Search Saves Travelers Time and Money by Enabling Flight Search by Destinations, Regions and Experiences

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 23, 2013) - GetGoing, the new travel site dedicated to helping leisure travelers discover and book more affordable trips, today announced the introduction of its new FlightFinder™ intelligent flight search technology. With FlightFinder, GetGoing is expanding beyond its Pick Two, Get One™ platform -- which provides up to 40% off flights for flexible travelers -- to provide personalized flight search that uncovers the best prices for the destination a traveler searches for, as well as cheaper alternatives they may not have thought of.

FlightFinder enables travelers to search for a specific place (e.g., JFK), or quickly and easily search places across an entire region (e.g., Europe), or for destinations that match a particular experience (e.g., scuba diving) to find the most affordable destinations and convenient flight options. Travelers can book a flight to the destination they had in mind, or discover a less expensive alternative that provides a similar experience. For example, a traveler can search for Maui, and FlightFinder will show the best prices for Maui as well as more affordable flights for nearby locations -- like Honolulu, Kauai, etc. -- that are available during the dates they searched. Or one can search for something as general as "beaches" or "scuba diving," and FlightFinder will provide the most affordable flight recommendations that match the traveler's desired experience.

"At GetGoing, we're all about helping people travel more -- and we're doing that by helping to remove the financial barriers that prevent so many from traveling. Coming on the heels of our Pick Two, Get One system -- the industry's best flight deal platform -- we're now introducing a better way to find and book flights," said Alek Vernitsky, Co-Founder and CEO of GetGoing. "FlightFinder will find the best price -- guaranteed -- not only for the specific place a traveler searches for, but also for the region or experience they might be interested in. And just as importantly, it saves you time. You no longer need to search every Hawaiian beach and 10 Caribbean islands separately. We find all the best deals for you, on your favorite airlines, in 20 seconds or less."

How FlightFinder Works

1. Search -- Travelers can search for something as specific as "Maui" or as general as "beaches," and GetGoing's FlightFinder finds the the most affordable options without requiring the traveler to search multiple destinations or compare multiple sites.

2. Discover -- Whether the traveler searches for a specific location, region or experience, FlightFinder provides personalized recommendations for affordable flights to similar destinations.

3. Choose and Book -- Travelers can book the place they originally searched for, or pick a more affordable destination based on FlightFinder's recommendations, and rest assured that nobody has better prices or better customer service. Guaranteed.

"It is our belief that online travel booking is broken for leisure travelers. Other travel search solutions focus on finding the available flights to the one particular location a person searches for, but they don't take into consideration other, more affordable options," said Vernitsky. "FlightFinder introduces a better, faster way to book a vacation. Our smart, personalized search enables us to help find many vacation experiences that work within the traveler's budget and within their specified dates -- even if they didn't search for those destinations specifically."

"Travel search is now achieving a new level of reach and efficiency," said Marc Rosenberg, retired airline executive and President of Marsalyn Creative, an airline and travel consultancy. "GetGoing's innovative approach to search helps consumers discover new destinations that the traveler may not have considered otherwise, resulting in a rich and fast display of comparable vacation experiences."

GetGoing = Options For Saving on Travel

Last month, GetGoing introduced its revolutionary Pick Two, Get One platform, which rewards travelers with up to 40% off airfare by proving that they're traveling for leisure. The Pick Two, Get One system works by rewarding travelers for being flexible on their destination. For example, if a traveler is seeking a beach vacation and is willing to go to either Barbados OR Aruba, GetGoing's Pick Two, Get One system negotiates a significantly better price than competitors.

As the second offering by GetGoing, the introduction of FlightFinder establishes the travel booking site as the go-to destination for leisure travelers to discover and book their next trip. Whether it's a flexible traveler who wants to find industry-leading deals on flights with GetGoing's Pick Two, Get One system or a less-flexible traveler looking to quickly and easily find affordable trip options via FlightFinder, GetGoing has everyone covered.


With its Pick Two, Get One platform, GetGoing is offering deals on flights to over 50 countries. With FlightFinder, GetGoing is expanding to enable travelers to book virtually every flight in the world. The company is currently only booking flights that originate in the U.S., but will be expanding soon to include flights that originate overseas.

About GetGoing

GetGoing is making it easier and more affordable for leisure travelers to discover and book their next trip. GetGoing's FlightFinder™ technology is the quickest and easiest way to search for flights and discover deals to destinations you may not have considered. And GetGoing's Pick Two, Get One™ system enables travelers to find and book flights at a significant discount, while helping airlines profitably fill empty seats. The company's unique flight search and booking technologies have been recognized with several domestic and international patents, and the company continues to innovate.

GetGoing is a Y Combinator company based in San Francisco, and is backed by a number of prominent venture capital and private equity funds. For more information, please visit, follow us on Twitter @GetGoingTravel ( or on Facebook:

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