August 17, 2011 14:49 ET Analyzes the Impact of Age on Premiums for Individual and Family Health Plans in California

Age Influences Premiums Greatly for Singles, But Its Influence Declines Substantially for Families

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwire - Aug 17, 2011) - A robust analysis of health insurance premiums in California conducted by, a leading private health insurance Exchange, indicates that the impact of a policy holder's age on cost is considerable for singles who wish to apply for health insurance plans, but far less so for families.

In the individual and family health insurance market, age is a major influence on premiums. On average, the cost of coverage for individuals (applying only for themselves) in their early 60s is three times the cost of premiums for individuals in their 20s. However, in the family health insurance plan market -- families with two members or families with three or more members -- age has far less impact on premiums.

The following graph summarizing the results suggests that the 3 to 1 age band required by §2701(a) of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is generally consistent with the experience of the individual health insurance market and is thus unlikely to cause any significant disruption in the California market.

"This study also implies that other requirements of the Affordable Care Act, such as the essential health benefit and provider network requirements, are likely to play a substantially larger role in determining premium affordability," stated's CEO and co-founder, Chini Krishnan.

Private health insurance Exchanges such as offer customers the ability to compare and buy affordable health insurance plans in the individual and family market today and are active participants in the process of helping states set up their health insurance Exchanges. Getinsured derived the data for this study from a sample of over 2,000 master medical policies in California between January 1, 2011 and July 31, 2011. The study did not include any Medicare, Medicaid or CHIP health plans. All policy holders were under the age of 64.

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