September 16, 2010 02:30 ET

Getting Ahead of the Game

The Skills of a Poker Player Come in Handy Off the Felt

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Sept. 16, 2010) - Most people associate poker with chips, cards and betting but a look behind a poker face shows individuals with skill, patience and determination. The art of poker can not only help you stack up the chips but can also help accelerate your career or get you through the daily grind of life.

A recent poll on next generation poker website asked players to identify if and how their poker skills helped them in their everyday life. player Jamie 'JJBird22' Birdsey has a successful career in Risk Management and is a promising poker player, finishing in second place for a $12,000 payout at PKR Live IV, a live poker tournament in May 2010.

Birdsey said, "Poker didn't help me secure my job, but it's certainly allowed me to stay focussed. The skills for my job and poker are very similar. Being able to analyse the markets in my day job as well as other players at the poker tables, has enabled me to utilise the information around me and act quickly. Honing in on these skills means I've done pretty well in the board room as well as on the felt."

It's not just jobs in the City that players could utilise the key skills from the felt either. Supply Teacher Philip 'philpenzance' Brain uses psychology and body language to read the pupils and adapt his teaching style accordingly. "The ability to appear confident and show signs of strength even when weak is a fantastic skill that I've crossed over from poker to teaching. Adding all these extra skills to my repertoire means the pupils don't stand a chance at outsmarting me."

Poker skills aren't just needed in the workplace. Stay at home mum Majella 'Pkr1princess' Touhey shares how she uses her poker skills to keep her teenagers in line. "People reading skills are essential with three teenagers, and as anyone with teenagers knows, the built in gene of compulsory lying activates at the age of 13."

Marketing Manager Erika Schwartz commented, "Our players have shown how poker skills are utilised in all aspects of everyday life. By learning poker's lessons, you can gain the upper hand professionally, at home, and on the felt."

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