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October 16, 2012 07:30 ET

GetWellNetwork and Treatment Diaries, Leaders in Patient Engagement Technology, Team to Further Empower Those Affected by Illness

BETHESDA, MD--(Marketwire - Oct 16, 2012) - GetWellNetwork, Inc®., provider of the industry's leading interactive patient care (IPC) solution, announced that it is teaming with Treatment Diaries™, a leading social network for those living with illness or caring for someone with a medical condition, to provide additional resources for patients to remain engaged in their well-being during and after they leave the hospital. 

"Our relationship with Treatment Diaries supports our commitment to placing patients at the center of their care and making them active participants in their care," said Michael O'Neil, founder & CEO, GetWellNetwork. "Treatment Diaries' success in creating an online community that connects patients with other patients dealing with similar conditions through health-related conversations is further testament that patient engagement is empowering and life changing."

The rapport between the two companies is also rooted in a more personal connection. Amy Ohm, co-founder and CEO, Treatment Diaries, and O'Neil are both cancer survivors who began their companies as a result of their own experiences in dealing with their conditions. While their journeys are different, they share the same goal: to help people who have been hospitalized or are suffering from a chronic condition become more engaged in their well-being. Their organizational goals reflect their commitment to all those touched by illness.

Treatment Diaries engages users in their health or the health of a loved one by providing a social networking site where people can write and converse with each other anonymously about medical conditions they have in common. While there is an abundance of clinical information available online, Treatment Diaries believes people need to be informed through human interaction, so they have an opportunity to exchange information or provide physical and emotional support as well as camaraderie. Today there are greater than 60,000 diaries discussing more than 1,500 conditions.

"Our common goal is to engage patients and help them manage their condition by connecting them with the healthcare community that treats them, involving family and friends that have supported them, and joining a secure community of people who are experiencing the same type of condition," said Ohm. "The ultimate goal is to provide a platform for patients to exchange health-related dialogue relevant to their condition as an individual or part of a community. We also want to provide an environment that allows people to not only listen to each other but to be heard."

Treatment Diaries includes 1,600 chronic conditions on its website, which has drawn men, women and children to visit multiple times each day. The conditions that users have registered for and written about include depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, type 2 diabetes, breast cancer, fibromyalgia and various forms of arthritis. 

The site's popularity has grown exponentially in the year alone, with global use up by 4,000 percent, and national use up by 2,000 percent, with users in 130 countries.

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About GetWellNetwork
GetWellNetwork, Inc. entertains, educates, and empowers patients throughout the patient journey using the bedside TV and iPad in the hospital, mobile devices, Web or Cable TV at home. This patient-centered approach improves both satisfaction and outcomes for patients and hospitals. Additionally, the company extends the value of existing IT investments by integrating seamlessly to leading HIT systems including Cerner, McKesson, Epic, Meditech, GE and Siemens.

GetWellNetwork is recognized by KLAS® as the leader in the Interactive Patient Systems category and exclusively endorsed by the American Hospital Association. More information about GetWellNetwork can be found at

About Treatment Diaries
Treatment Diaries is a unique social network anonymously connecting individuals affected by illness through online health related conversations, captured in personal diaries.

Treatment Diaries was inspired by REAL stories of people living with various medical conditions, searching for treatment options and the overwhelming desire to connect with others facing similar circumstances. Finding and sharing genuine information and experiences is a powerful thing.

As a market leader in privately connecting patients, caregivers and healthcare advocates, Treatment Diaries is also recognized by PsychCentral as a top rated resource and approved by as an excellent resource on a global level. More information about Treatment Diaries can be found at

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