May 18, 2016 13:32 ET

Gevir Deer Antler Supplements Now Available on

New Zealand Company's Natural Supplements Put Modern Twist on Ancient Health Product

BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwired - May 18, 2016) - Gevir, a New Zealand-based company that focuses on developing powder and capsule supplements made primarily from deer antler velvet, announced its products are now available for sale on, the world's largest online retailer.

Clint and Shelley Thomsen founded the company together in 1990 with the hope of developing a solution for Shelley's Multiple Sclerosis, which she had been diagnosed with at 28 years old. After searching for a variety of treatment options, the couple discovered deer antler velvet had been used for thousands of years as an ancient Chinese tonic for treating many different health conditions, and could in fact help treat her MS. The pair began to farm deer in New Zealand and harvest deer velvet, which grows on deer each year and falls off naturally in the spring. As a result, Shelley's MS symptoms never progressed, and she continues to live a full life at 67 years old in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

"People have relied on deer velvet for many generations for a variety of health issues, and now we have gotten the most out of the product thanks to modern scientific advances," said Josh Buckman, CEO of Gevir. "Now, people across the world have access to this same solution that treated Shelley's MS thanks to this sales partnership with We are looking forward to reaching out to more people than ever before to help them resolve their health problems."

Buckman and his wife Penny purchased Gevir in 2015, and have since continued to build on the Thomsen's work in creating highly sustainable and effective deer antler products. Buckman was introduced to deer velvet after numerous shoulder injuries suffered in his rugby career, and found Gevir products drastically diminished symptoms such as numbness, pain and pins and needles.

Gevir takes pride in using sustainable deer velvet from only the best deer farmers in New Zealand. All farmers who provide the velvet are accredited by the New Zealand Veterinary Association and certified using a number of strict animal welfare codes to ensure all animals are treated humanely. In making the products, Gevir does not use any man-made synthetics or chemicals.

"We strongly believe the process and the way the animals are treated are extremely important," said Buckman. "Not only are our products 100 percent natural, but the deer themselves are raised by award-winning experts with a track record for outstanding animal treatment."

The product comes in both capsules and packets of powder. To find out more about Gevir, visit

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