April 06, 2016 11:31 ET

Gevir Deer Antler Velvet Supplements Now Available on US Market

New Zealand Company Focuses on Benefits of Natural, Renewable Product

BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwired - April 06, 2016) - Gevir, a New Zealand based company with the focus of developing capsule and powder supplements derived from deer antler velvet is excited to announce its products are now available for purchase on the US Market.

Gevir was launched in 1990 by Clint and Shelley Thomsen as a solution for a medical condition Shelley had. Shelley was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at 28 years of age and after several years of looking for treatment options, the Thomsens discovered deer velvet had been used as an ancient Chinese tonic for treating many conditions and could help manage Shelley's MS. Being unable to source a renewable supply of deer velvet, Clint and Shelley started farming deer in New Zealand and harvesting their rich deer velvet, which grows every year and naturally falls off in the springtime. Since using Gevir Deer Velvet, Shelley's MS symptoms never progressed and now at age 67 she still lives a full life in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

"This superb natural solution that effectively treated Shelley's condition can now benefit many in the US market with the product now available in the marketplace," said Gevir CEO Josh Buckman. "The pure supplement has been found to increase stamina, aid in healing, stimulate the immune system, have anti-inflammatory properties, promote skin health, relieve joint pain and much more."

Gevir is New Zealand's oldest producer/marketer of Sustainably Farmed 100 percent New Zealand Deer Velvet. In 2015 Gevir was purchased by Josh and Penny Buckman as they have been interested in the health and wellbeing of the product since Josh had serious shoulder injuries following a career in rugby. Since Josh has been using Gevir Premium symptoms such as numbness, pins and needles and pain have diminished.

The company only uses sustainable Deer Velvet sourced direct from some of New Zealand's award winning deer farmers and only uses premium whole stick deer velvet and contains no fillers. The Gevir process is entirely free from manmade synthetics and chemicals as well.

"We now have developed a way to humanely harvest deer antler velvet year after year," said Buckman. "Our deer are raised by award winning experts who have a record of breeding the highest-quality of animals and delivering this amazing product to our customers to benefit from."

The product comes in both capsules and packets of powder. To find out more about Gevir visit

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