October 03, 2012 09:49 ET

giffgaff Conducts Survey to Locate the Most Active Mobile Phone Faux Pas Culprits

New giffgaff survey reveals regional mobile phone etiquette

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Oct. 3, 2012) - giffgaff, the mobile provider which offers free sims and competitive goodybags, has produced a vibrant and eye-opening survey to reveal a colourful look into the various faux pas we make with our mobile phones.

The data which informed the infographic came from an innovative survey conducted through and via the army-strong community, alongside helpful host websites MobileFun and Ken's Tech Tips, both of which took part took part in the survey to reach the target and relevant audience, not to mention our giffgaff mobile phone experts.

With over 10,000 respondents, the results were certainly interesting regarding regional England. It is also worth noting that this infographic will be part of a competition on Pinterest, where participants will have to "Pin it to Win it" with the following hashtag - #giffgaffmobilefauxpas.

The top three survey questions selected for the infographic were consistent in results. At the top giffgaff asked: Have you ever sent a saucy message to the wrong person?

Liverpool came first with a landslide 91%. Again, in response to the question - Have you ever called or sent a 'bad' text message to someone drunk, Liverpool rolled in first with 93%. Liverpool kept up their trend here as highly active mobile phone users, with 93% of Liverpool participants admitting to taking their phone to the toilet.

A few questions that didn't make the infographic were centred more around office and social environments, such as meetings and parties, when mobile phone etiquette was questioned. Over 40% of us pretend to message someone else when confronted with a social situation we are uncomfortable with.

Perhaps they are simply just more honest; but the answers suggest that things are more interactive up north. To see the full mobile faux pas infographic and gain more insight into the regional phone habits of the participants please click the link.

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