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December 22, 2009 20:00 ET

A Gift of a Holiday Tax Breather From the Tax Resolution Institute: No New IRS Liens or Levies From December 22 to January 2

Peter Stephan and the Tax Resolution Institute Offer a Holiday Gift of Essential Tax Relief Information

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - December 22, 2009) - Since the holiday season is a time when everyone should be able to celebrate with family without the fear of an IRS Tax Lien or Levy, Peter Stephan and the Tax Resolution Institute present a gift of important tax relief information. From December 22 to January 2, there is an unwritten rule that no new IRS Tax Liens or Levies are filed or acted upon during this holiday period. Although they are the largest collection agency in the world, the IRS respects the family spirit of the Christmas season every year.

For more information about this subject, please visit: 22-to-january-2/

If you have a back tax bill with the IRS and have been receiving notices and warnings about tax collection issues, you can take a breather for a moment and plan your course of future action. Peter Stephan and the Tax Resolution Institute have acknowledged expertise and extensive experience with tax collection issues, helping taxpayers with huge back tax liabilities find tax resolution. The goal of tax resolution is to protect the future security and financial freedom of you and your family. This gift of a holiday breather is the perfect time to take action and reach out for professional help like what is offered by the Tax Resolution Institute.

Even with the knowledge of this holiday breather, a majority of delinquent taxpayers will remain stuck in a state of procrastination and do nothing. Once you have received a Notice of Intent to Levy from the IRS, you have 21 days to act before all financial accounts levied are frozen. An IRS Levy has to be addressed by professionals before a taxpayer enters into a dire situation where future financial freedom can be lost. It is a privilege for Peter Stephan and the Tax Resolution Institute to let you know about the unwritten: No New IRS Tax Liens or Levies are filed From December 22 to January 2.

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