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November 28, 2007 13:12 ET

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Invented by Three Moms and a Daddy Doctor, Four New Products Help Keep Children Safe

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwire - November 28, 2007) - This holiday season, four innovative child safety products are available for parents of young children. Designed to keep kids safe around the home, pool and bathtub, CPR Teddy™, Guardian Sleeper™, Tub-Time Bumpers™, and WaterKiD™ Baby Carrier are awarding-winning child safety devices conceived and developed by enterprising and entrepreneurial parents.

Inspired by the challenges of raising their own children and the constant pressure to keep them safe, three moms and one doctor dad have found ways to help other parents keep their little ones out of harms way. After months of toying with prototypes and extensive safety testing, each product provides a unique approach to child health and safety.

As recalls for toys tainted with lead and other hazards continue to make headlines, child safety remains at the forefront of many parents' minds. CPR Teddy, Guardian Sleeper, Tub-Time Bumpers and WaterKiD, all lead-free, offer another layer of safety around the home, and will help moms and dads rest easy, knowing the children are safe.

CPR Teddy

The CPR Teddy is a novel approach to answering the question every parent asks at one time or another, "What will I do if my child chokes or stops breathing?" A cute teddy bear on a mission to save lives, CPR Teddy is a tool for parents, grandparents, and babysitters to practice and learn infant and child choking rescue and CPR skills at home. Voice prompts in the bear tell you what to do. Lights in the bear's bowtie tell you if you're pushing the chest too hard, too soft, or just right. He even comes with a Training DVD that includes instruction on First Aid and preventing injuries. The inventors of CPR Teddy, an emergency room physician and his daughter, recognized that few people remember how to perform CPR shortly after taking a class. CPR Teddy is a non-threatening and easy-to-use practice aid that is a welcome sight in any home. CPR Teddy is available online at, for $79.95 plus shipping.

Guardian Sleeper

The Guardian Sleeper is an innovative one-piece infant cover and positioner, which snuggles a baby in the safest position possible to reduce the risk of SIDS (as prescribed by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development "Back to Sleep" campaign) and the symptoms of reflux while promoting increased sleep duration. Created by two British 'mums,' the Guardian Sleeper is designed to safely cover a baby and maintain him or her in the "Back to Sleep" position, away from the sides of the crib, so that the triggers for apnea, and therefore the risk of SIDS is reduced. The covers cannot be kicked off or fall over the baby's head and the baby cannot end up in a compromising position such as a face against the bumper or a limb through the bars. Guardian Sleeper was developed with comfort in mind and has been shown to promote increased sleep duration. Adequate ventilation helps ensure a healthy body temperature throughout the night. Guardian Sleeper is available for $39.95 to $43.95 in assorted sizes and colors. For a list of US retailers or to order online, please visit

Tub-Time Bumpers

Tub-Time Bumpers is an inflatable safety product that surrounds the inner vertical walls of a bathtub, fitting neatly and comfortably in a standard tub. The durable and mildew resistant vinyl is held onto the walls of the bathtub by high-quality suction cups. The suction cups are spaced in a manner that will allow the bumper pad to remain secure, even during the most active bath time activities. Tub-Time Bumpers™ is not only a safety device, but a learning tool as well. Various shapes and letters of the alphabet appear in vibrant colors on the tub-side of the bumpers. Parents can interact with their children as they learn shapes, the alphabet and colors while not having to worry about their children getting hurt in the tub. Currently available in blue, three new designs will be offered beginning in early 2008. Tub-Time Bumpers are sold online at, for $24.99 plus shipping and handling.

The WaterKiD Baby Carrier

The WaterKiD Baby Carrier is a light-weight, quick-drying, naturally buoyant, naturally insulated, non-staining, wet/dry all weather carrier. Whether used at the pool, on the beach, in the shower or just around the house, The WaterKiD Baby Carrier offers caregivers an easy, comfortable, cool carrier that allows safer, hands-free, play with baby while providing custom fit to both baby and care-provider. Designed for babies from 12-30 pounds, WaterKiD uses buoyant fabric and secure clasps to keep the child safe and comfortable while enjoying the pool or shower with mom. Moms and babies can safely enjoy a fun water experience together. WaterKiD is available online at, for $49.95 plus shipping. It is offered in three sizes and six different color options.

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