November 26, 2009 09:00 ET

GiftTRAP: BC Man Receives Huge Recognition in North America and Europe for His Invention

KELOWNA, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Nov. 26, 2009) -

In a world where new is cool, creating lasting brands is a challenge. Building brands with longevity is hard, even for global brands. It's almost a weird club that keeps the old-school in and the new-boys out.

Take board games, for example - Hasbro and Mattel - how many copies of Monopoly or Scrabble do we need? Few games they launch become classics. Performance is critiqued and competition for shelf-space fierce. They simply get replaced with new products expecting similarly short lifecycles. Established games like Monopoly become cultural – they become gifts with meaning and it's a very hard cycle to break.

Nick Kellet, a Kelowna based entrepreneur, may just have found a way to bridge that gap with his unique game that is ironically about the exchange of gifts.

Launched in 2006 GiftTRAP has since been voted 'Party Game of the Year' in USA, Germany, France, Canada and Sweden. The German award for "Spiel Des Jahres" is a major prize – akin to an Oscar in the gaming world.

GiftTRAP takes rituals like Christmas Day and turns them into a fun party game that pokes fun at the dysfunction of exchanging gifts. Giving the perfect gift can be a tearful, joyful bonding moment – creating life-long memories.

In reality, such moments are rare as a result of being short on time, remote from family and daunted by retail choice. GiftTRAP kicks in by creating conversations about hundreds of diverse topics (dressed up as gifts) bringing friends and families closer together to share passions and to give everyone a chance to excel in the gift department.

GiftTRAP is proving a global hit with longevity - already in 8 languages, expected to grow to 12 in 2010. Sales are at 50k units globally with this expected to double next year. The hard work is paying dividends by bringing in new distributors. 20+ awards and 8+ languages is no mean achievement for a first game, for a new company with no prior connections or experience in the industry. This bilingual game, invented in Canada is looking set to become a future classic following in the footsteps of Canadian legend Trivial Pursuit. Want more information? Need to book an appearance for Radio/TV? Call +1 250-864-3821.

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