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May 14, 2013 07:30 ET

GigaOM Research Highlights RainStor for Big Data Projects

Leading IT Research Group Report Indicates RainStor Is a Fraction of the Cost of Oracle's Enterprise Database, for Handling Large-Scale Analytics and Archiving

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - May 14, 2013) -  RainStor, provider of the world's most efficient enterprise database for managing and analyzing all historical data, announces a new report from GigaOM Research highlighting the RainStor database approach for Big Data projects. GigaOM's "Managing Big Data without Breaking the Bank," sponsored by RainStor, discusses the technical advantages and business benefits of deploying databases that focus on data compression and low-cost storage for "online analytic archives" to solve enterprise Big Data challenges.

The research analyst, George Gilbert, describes RainStor's technology as a viable and cost-effective alternative for managing massive analytics projects: "Much of the explosion in data volumes that needs to be analyzed doesn't need to be updated. In other words, it can be stored as an archive in a deeply-compressed format while still online for query and analysis." Beyond data compression, Gilbert states that RainStor delivers greater analytic query performance, greater ingest speed of new data, deployment flexibility and ease of administration compared with traditional enterprise databases and data warehouses.

The report showed a startling cost comparison of Oracle Exadata against RainStor, across all costs including server hardware, storage licenses and administration; Oracle totaled out at $4.77 million and RainStor at $353,625. Gilbert explains: "A company using the RainStor approach of maximum compression and traditional SQL queries can run on commodity hardware and with license and administrative costs that are materially less expensive. Because of the advanced data compression, this method needs significantly less storage and server hardware to process that smaller amount of data."

The report also cited two RainStor customer examples: a large telecommunications provider that stored more data at 1/10th the cost of a traditional RDBMS and a large investment bank that saved millions of dollars over a three-year timeframe by using RainStor to maintain regulatory-driven archives of trading data. "Using RainStor as their online analytic archive solution, the bank expects that it will eventually shrink 30 petabytes (PB) of data down to 1PB," Gilbert states in the report. The full report is downloadable and available here.

"RainStor's proven database helps customers in compliance-intensive sectors drastically cut TCO -- in other words cheap and deep analytics for long term historical data," says John Bantleman, CEO at RainStor. "One of the recurring themes we see from customers is the need to reduce the cost of managing enterprise data warehouses, specifically Teradata. What's more, we uniquely scale on any platform, from a content-addressed storage (CAS) device to a private cloud or native on HDFS, which further reduces cost and gives you tremendous flexibility to scale and grow."

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