May 02, 2006 11:21 ET


By Jordan Roter

NEW YORK, NY and LOS ANGELES, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 2, 2006 --Dutton Books couldn't have picked a better first-time author than Jordan Roter, whose debut novel, "GIRL IN DEVELOPMENT," will arrive in stores in May 2006. This teenage page-turner is an insider's peek behind the curtain of young Hollywood by someone who's fought in the trenches of "the biz" and lived to tell about it. More than just a great read, it's PG-rated fun for any young woman who's wondering what Tinseltown is all about, and how one outsider survives (and flourishes!) within it.

Vintage-chic, East Coast transplant Samantha Rose would rather be reading Virginia Woolf than Variety. So when her uncle arranges a surprise summer internship at a hot film development and production company, Sam is not prepared for the culture shock of the "left coast" lifestyle.

From her spoiled roommate (her Beverly Hills-bred cousin, Kate), to the backstabbing poseurs at her company (ironically named 'Authentic Pictures'), everything about L.A. feels fake. And, although smart, self-protective Sam hates to admit it, it's all a bit intimidating.

Against her better judgment, Sam can't help but fall for the charming, Ivy League-educated Matt Sullivan, who also works at Authentic Pictures. When she shares a brilliant idea for a film with him, their relationship takes another step both professionally and emotionally. Their forbidden office romance must be kept a secret from Ross, Sam's sole friend at the company and fellow intern, and from Kate, whose intentions toward Matt also tend toward the amorous.

But this being Tinsel-town, of course there's a twist. What are Matt Sullivan's intentions with Sam's script idea and can she keep him away from Kate forever? One thing's for sure, hell hath no fury like an intern (and her fiercely loyal cousin) scorned.

Will Sam find her own Hollywood ending? Not before this Girl In Development is thrust into the spotlight and down a personal red carpet of genuine friendship, romance, and betrayal that has blockbuster written all over it.

Dutton Books
Ages 14 Up - Grades 9 Up
May 2006
ISBN # 0-525-47690-3
($15.99 U.S./$21.00 CAN)

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