June 17, 2011 10:39 ET

Girl Power Lives on, Announces LMS! First British Self Made Billionaire Declared on Rich List

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - June 17, 2011) - Everybody loved the Spice Girls when they burst onto the music scene back in 1996, when "wannabe" hit the charts and the five 'spices' erupted into the lives of everyone and anyone- Girl Power came into our lives, like we didn't even know we were missing. "The gap between the number of male and female entrepreneurs may be closing, but it still exists. However, the UK boasts some fabulously impressive women who have started fantastic businesses" as stated on the www.startups.co.uk website. Showing "girl power is on its way back up" stated LMS director Tim Kennedy.

The Sunday times Rich List shows the mere mortals how the other half live, with the number of billionaires rising from 53 to 73 in one year alone, and for the first time ever more than 100 women appear in the top 1000 Rich list (statistics from Telegraph.co.uk and Sunday Times). "I think the Rich List is a great tool in business, it makes me want to succeed, and better myself all the time. I've constantly got entrepreneurs and high profile business people that I obtain to be like. It generally fills my head full of ideas and always leads me onto another idea" stated LMS owner Tim Kennedy.

The press, magazines and high fashion has often been blamed for the attitude of young girls towards themselves and their bodies, but having taken a look at the rich list of 2011, a strong female is also a role model when it comes to business, wealth and independence.

LMS was excited to hear that Britain now has its first self-made female billionaire. Dame Mary Perkins, the co-founder of Specsavers is now Britain's sixth richest woman worth £1.15 billion (Sunday Times). "In another life she would have loved to have been a librarian" stated thisismoney.co.uk website, now operating a billion pound family run business, that's debt free, Dame Mary "hasn't succumbed to the trappings of your average billionaire!" continued This Money. If success is depicted by wealth, then Dame Mary is a major success story, even by the Spice Girls' standards. Girl Power prevails!

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