September 07, 2010 10:26 ET

Girls and Boys Clothing Becomes an Education-Vertbaudet Champion Independent Dressing With 'I Can Dress Myself' Collection

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Sept. 7, 2010) - Children's fashion brand Vertbaudet has a long history of creating stylish but practical boys and girls clothing. But the latest innovative offering from Vertbaudet's Autumn/Winter 2010/11 catalogue is literally making fashion an education, with the introduction of the 'I Can Dress Myself' range.

Parents can now breathe a sigh of relief and say goodbye to those chaotic morning routines, thanks to the pragmatic minds behind Vertbaudet's latest children's fashion innovation, the 'I Can Dress Myself' collection. As specialists in girls and boys clothing and maternity wear, Vertbaudet are well-practiced in producing clothes that are not only smart and stylish, but also address the issues faced by expectant mothers, and children of all stages of growth and development.

The new 'I Can Dress Myself' line does exactly this. The fundamental aim behind this girls and boys clothing collection is to provide children with a helpful and enjoyable way to learn how to dress themselves. Aimed at children aged 2 to 8 years old, 'I Can Dress Myself' range also helps to increase positivity and self-esteem from a very young age in girls and boys.

The range seamlessly integrates intelligent design ideas, such as easy fasten press-studs, colour coordinated buttons, reversible t-shirts or dresses, and easy to slip on tops, trousers, and dresses – all clever solutions that make getting dressed as easy and fuss-free as possible.

Vertbaudet also uses astonishingly simple but practical solutions via the use of fun design motifs, which help children to discover and remember the correct way to dress themselves. One such example in the 'I Can Dress Myself' girls clothing line is the popular 'Jacquard mouse' roll-neck dress. The dress features a mouse face on the front, and a mouse tail on the back, making it clear and straightforward which way the dress needs to be put on. What's more, many items within the girls clothing range are easily colour and style coordinated, helping each child to pick out their own complete outfit without help or intervention.

The 'I Can Dress Myself ' boys clothing collection is also home to a number of simple but effective features that encourage independent dressing. The boys clothing range includes easy slip on trousers with elasticated waistbands, rubber easy grip pull tab zippers, and reversible t-shirts – these small touches make getting dressed an easy task for little hands. It is practical thinking like this that helps to reduce frustration, and makes getting dressed a cinch for any child.

But Vertbaudet is also keen to take the playful, rough-and-tumble world of young boys into account too. They believe that boys clothing should always be robust and durable, which is why many boys clothes in the 'I Can Dress Myself' collection also feature reinforced knees and ankles, easy care machine washable and reversible jackets, tops and t-shirts.

The goal of encouraging independent dressing that is at the very core of this range also extends to growing feet, as Verbaudet's 'I Can Dress Myself' collection helps children to get to grips with their shoes too. The shoes in both the boys and girls clothing collections are comfortable and accommodating of delicate, growing feet, with many of the boots and shoes incorporating shock-absorbing heels and toes, as well as padded or reinforced ankles. And getting the shoes on and off is also as easy as' ABC' with the straightforward Touch-n-Close tab fastenings.

But what makes these shoes an even more attractive option for parents is that the shoes also make use of a simple design motif to help distinguish which shoe goes on which foot. Each shoe features a face that is split in two; half is on the left foot, and half on the right foot. Once the face is put together, the child has the right shoes on.

Quite simply, the 'I Can Dress Myself' collection perfectly illustrates why Vertbaudet's slogans of choice are 'clothes designed with children in mind' and 'children first'.

All items in the 'I Can Dress Myself' collection are available online via the Vertbaudet UK store and the Autumn/Winter 2010/11 catalogue.

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Vertbaudet is an award winning children's and maternity wear brand, which forms part of the Redcats Group, alongside other industry leaders such as La Redoute and Daxon. Redcats Group is a member of PPR Group, together with a number of luxury brands such as Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Stella McCartney.

Founded over 40 years ago in France, Vertbaudet is recognised as a leading UK baby and children's wear specialist, with an established home shopping network and high street stores throughout Europe and Saudi Arabia.

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