April 26, 2016 09:00 ET

GIROPTIC Begins Shipping 360cam: Breakthrough HD 360-Degree Camera for Consumers

Real-Time Stitching Facilitates Instant Social Sharing of Mesmerizing 360-Degree Photos and Videos

SAN FRANCISCO, CA and LILLE, FRANCE--(Marketwired - April 26, 2016) - GIROPTIC, leading specialists in 360 imaging technology, today announced it has started shipping the 360cam, a breakthrough 360-degree camera for consumers. Available first to backers and others who pre-ordered from the company's crowd funding page, the 360cam will be available to the general public beginning May 24. Much-anticipated and joining a high-demand market for 360 content, GIROPTIC's 360cam stands apart from other cameras because of its real-time stitching technology which merges images into a 360-degree view on the device eliminating the need for post-processing on a phone or computer and preserving the battery life of the phone.

Users can seamlessly shoot and share images via the GIROPTIC app or share video directly to Facebook, YouTube or Google Street View. From adventure travel to glorious sunsets on the beach to capturing key moments in a lifetime like weddings, holidays and sporting events, the 360cam delivers a fully immersive view of everything surrounding the user. 360cam is also waterproof up to 30 feet and delivers stunning photos and videos of the world around us, on land or sea.

Eight years in the making, GIROPTIC is on the forefront of innovating technology for the upcoming wave of 360 content for use across social media channels and virtual reality headsets. The world of virtual reality hardware has been expanding more rapidly than the content available for it, but the GIROPTIC 360cam creates personal 360-degree content compatible with VR headsets, offering consumers a gateway to VR and allowing them to experience their moments and memories in a more immersive way than ever before.

The GIROPTIC team developed the 360cam in order to let users fully focus on the experience at hand, freeing them from concerns about properly framing and filming images. "We've grown up worrying about getting the perfect shot, capturing the right moment, and trying to marry artistry and reality in the flash of an instant; however, we lose the ability to experience that moment when we're preoccupied with our cameras. With GIROPTIC's 360cam, we have unleashed the potential to easily capture all that surrounds us and then share our immersive experience instantly with the world," said Richard Ollier, co-founder and CEO of GIROPTIC.

About the 360Cam
The GIROPTIC 360cam has three wide angle optics, three microphones and produces video footage at a resolution of 2K (2048 x 1024) at up to 30 frames per seconds and 4K pictures (4096 x 2048). On the move, the 360cam gyroscope delivers superior 360° image stabilization. Real-time stitching eliminates the need for post-production or specific software; images and video are recorded as standard files such as mp4 /h264 for videos and jpg for pictures. Time lapse video or photo burst modes allow users to capture the moments they wish with a creative twist and livestreaming lets friends and family share instantly in real time through live streaming platforms. Additional accessories for the 360cam, including an Ethernet Adaptor and an innovative Light Bulb Adaptor, allow more options to enhance its livestreaming capabilities.

About the App
For both iOS and Android, the 360cam app allows users to remotely control the camera over integrated Wi-Fi, and to select custom settings, live preview a shot or share content online. The 360cam's integrated GPS can be activated to geo-tag images and recordings exactly where they've been recorded.

GIROPTIC's 360cam will begin shipping this week and will be available to consumer audiences May 24. Products can be pre-ordered via the GIROPTIC website at or through selected retail partners for a suggested retail price of $499.00.

Based in San Francisco, CA and Lille, France, GIROPTIC specializes in 360° imaging technology. After 8 years of research and development and four generations of products, GIROPTIC has developed and patented a unique real-time image fusion process from multiple sensors.

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