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October 13, 2006 05:00 ET

Giving Credit Where It's Due-Toronto Hydro-Electric System's Summer Challenge Results

In just the first week, more than 18,000 customers have received a 10% conservation credit totalling $400,000

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - Oct. 13, 2006) - As the autumn weather approaches, Toronto Hydro's Summer Challenge program is starting to reflect positive results. Based on meter readings reviewed to date, 31,876 Torontonians "took the summer challenge" and used less electricity compared to a typical summer, and 18,235 of our customers achieved their 10 per cent benchmark. Based on this preliminary data, the company estimates that 100,000 customers (20 per cent of eligible customers) will have met their 10 per cent target by the time all meter readings are complete in late November.

Those who used at least 10 per cent less electricity from July 15 - September 15 have not only reduced their hydro bills, they are also getting an additional 10 per cent credit thanks to Toronto Hydro. For the first week of readings, the average electricity savings per customer who reached the 10 per cent target over the program period was approximately 376 kWh or 18.8 per cent per month.

And, under the Summer Challenge these 18,235 customers have collectively saved more than 10,500,000 kWh to date - equivalent to approximately 1000 homes being taken off the grid for that period. Toronto Hydro Electric System has credited approximately $400,000 to its customers in the first week of mailing out credits on the fall hydro bills. Credits started appearing on bills on October 6th, along with a congratulatory note from Toronto Hydro Corporation president and CEO David O'Brien. The company estimates that total credits could amount to $2.5M, based on a 20 per cent achievement rate.

"These results prove that conservation can play a significant role in addressing the Province's and Toronto's electricity supply issues," says Mr. O'Brien. "Considering that approximately 20 per cent of our customers will have answered the call in just two short months and hit the target, we are thrilled by these numbers. And, a lot of these customers achieved savings in the 15 to 25 per cent range. Congratulations, Toronto!"

Toronto Hydro reads approximately 85,000 meters each week and has a total of 670,000 customers. Under the Summer Challenge program, approximately 500,000 residential and small commercial customers were eligible for the program that ran from July 15th to September 15th. The program was made possible through funding the provincial government has made available for conservation programs across the province.

"Building a conservation culture is a cornerstone of our energy plan for this province," said Ontario Energy Minister Dwight Duncan. "Programs like Toronto Hydro's Summer Challenge give Ontarians the tools they need to save electricity and money, and help build a conservation culture."

WEEK ONE - Quick Stats:

- 8,510 customers saved 20% or more;

- 3,879 customers saved 15 to 20%; and

- 5,846 customers saved 10 to 15%.

There are more than a few runner-up customers. So far, 4,651 customers have come just short of the target and saved anywhere from six to nine per cent.

Seventy per cent of Torontonians said that they would use less electricity if offered a financial incentive. The Summer Challenge gave them that incentive. It is believed to be the first program of its kind in Canada: a simple, consumer-friendly program designed to help conserve electricity and reduce overall energy demand during the critical summer months. Eligible customers were automatically registered with Toronto Hydro and all customers had to do was begin conserving, and the record shows that they did.

A recent Toronto Hydro customer survey indicates that Torontonians recognize why conservation is important in Ontario. In fact, the movement to a "conservation culture" seems to have already begun. The survey revealed that customers have followed Toronto Hydro's tips and are:

- Using Fans Instead of Air Conditioners: 15.2% are new users and 41.2% are using them more.

- Turning the air conditioner thermostat up by two degrees or more: 17.6% are doing this for the first time and 34.5% are doing it more often.

- Using a clothesline to dry clothes: 13.9% have started doing it, and 34.1% are hanging their laundry more frequently.

- Washing laundry in cold water: 17.9% are now doing it, while 41.2% are doing it more often.

- Turning off lights, computers, etc. when not in use: 14.9% have realized that they should be doing it, and 55.7% of people are more cognizant and turning things off more often.

- Switching lights to CFLs: 22.6% have made the switch, and 37.5% have added more CFLs to their collection.

About Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited

A subsidiary of Toronto Hydro Corporation, Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited delivers electricity through a complex network of poles, wires and underground structures to 668,673 customers and distributes 18 per cent of the electricity in the province of Ontario. Our annual revenues are $2.49 billion; peak demand of 5000 megawatts and Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited's workforce of 1,201 skilled professionals are dedicated to delivering a safe and reliable supply of electricity to customers. Toronto Hydro Corporation is owned 100 per cent by the City of Toronto. The CDM program aims to reduce peak energy consumption in Toronto by 250 MW. To achieve this goal, the company has dedicated $39.8M to conservation and demand management programs through 2007.

The Toronto Hydro Summer Challenge Program:
Get the Facts and Score a Perfect "10"

- The Toronto Hydro Summer Challenge Program is a new conservation and demand management program that rewards customers for electricity conservation during the summer months.

- Participating residential and small commercial customers (less than 50kW/month) in Toronto that reduce their electricity usage by 10 per cent or more, compared to their weather-normalized consumption the same period last year (2005), will receive a credit equal to 10 per cent of their electricity bill for that period. The credit will appear on their fall bill.

- The Toronto Hydro Summer Challenge Program is believed to be the first of its kind in Canada and is an integral part of Toronto Hydro's overall strategy to conserve energy.

- The Program provides customers in Toronto with the opportunity to conserve and save at least 10 per cent on their electricity bill over two months.

- The Toronto Hydro Summer Challenge Program is simple and easy to participate in - customers just need to be proactive with conservation initiatives this summer, starting with turning the thermostat up one degree. To achieve the 10 per cent reduction, air conditioning and other tips are available at

- Residential and small business customers that have established service with Toronto Hydro on or prior to September 1, 2005, on the same metered account, and who will remain an active customer until after the end of the program period, are eligible to participate.

- The Toronto Hydro Summer Challenge Program is based on a similar, successful program that was implemented in California in 2001 called 20/20, designed to help with the state's energy crisis.

Average Monthly Bill Calculation over the Program Period

Average 2006 Average 2006 Average
monthy bill monthy bill monthly credit
Customer (July & August) (July & August) (July & August)
Class before 10% with 10% load applicable after
load reduction reduction program completion
Residential $ 98.35 $ 89.28 $ 8.93
General Service $ 368.42 $ 332.82 $ 33.28
less than 50kWh

For additional information on the Toronto Hydro Summer Challenge Program and tips on how to reduce your use, visit

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