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Interlock Technology LLC

March 15, 2010 11:21 ET

GlassHouse Offers Interlock Technology's Centera Migration Service

Enables Centera Customers to Take Advantage of Fast, Secure and Compliant Data Assessment and Migration Services

CAMBRIDGE, MA--(Marketwire - March 15, 2010) - Interlock Technology, a Cambridge, MA-based provider of compliant data assessment and migration services for EMC Centera systems, today announced that GlassHouse Technologies, a global provider of vendor independent data center consulting services, will offer the Interlock Technology data assessment and migration services as part of its storage services practice. With Interlock's data assessment and migration services, organizations reduce costs, increase storage agility, realize better performance and liberate their archives from proprietary systems.

"GlassHouse has helped clients architect, build and manage their storage systems since 2001," said JD Creedon, vice president of partners at GlassHouse. "We develop and add services in direct response to customer demand, and our customers want a fast, secure, and compliant service that enables them to incorporate best-of-class ILM and HSM strategies into their data archiving systems. Interlock is helping us achieve this."

Interlock Technology data assessment and migration services give EMC Centera users previously unavailable SRM-like visibility into their Centera environments and enable heterogeneous movement of data between active archive CAS systems and any standard NAS or SAN device. At the same time, Interlock's ability to take advantage of Centera's massive parallelism enables unprecedented migration speeds of up to six terabytes a day. Interlock data migration also can unlock a Centera and seed the cloud with its data.

Interlock Technology brings best-of-class ILM and HSM capabilities to data archiving by enabling data center managers to mix and match hardware and software from multiple vendors in order to achieve their overall data management strategy. With Interlock, data center managers and compliance officers can take advantage of data archiving software and solutions from other vendors, such as NetApp's SnapLock, IBM IA or cloud storage using non-proprietary, industry-standard protocols for compliance with federally mandated regulations.

"One of the most prestigious names in storage services, GlassHouse Technologies has a worldwide client base that includes many Centera customers," said Gary Lieberman, founder and CEO of Interlock Technology. "Interlock Technology has trained and certified GlassHouse consultants to perform Centera migration services on our custom-built appliance, and we anticipate that GlassHouse will have a lively practice helping its customers take advantage of this capability as they migrate their data off of Centera and onto other SAN and NAS machines."

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Interlock Technology is a Cambridge, MA-based provider of compliant data migration services for EMC Centera systems. Interlock's data assessment and migration services enable organizations to improve OPEX/CAPEX, understand compliance risk, ease access to archived data through industry standard protocols and increase data performance for ediscovery. For more information, visit Interlock Technology at

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