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February 25, 2011 08:26 ET

Glee Are Affecting Their Branding, States London Green Marketing

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Feb. 25, 2011) - As we all are aware, Glee has created a reputation for themselves with their innovative US TV Series based in a happy-go-lucky High School. London Green Marketing are self-confessed Glee fans, but it's not easy to predict whether a TV show will be a hit. For every Lost there's a The Nine, for every The Wire, a K-Ville and for every ER, a Three Rivers. So it's no surprise that when Fox first announced that their biggest new show of this year was Glee, a musical drama-comedy about a high school singing club created by Ryan Murphy, the twisted genius behind plastic surgery schlockfest Nip/Tuck and the brilliant but insane school drama Popular, most television insiders thought it would fail.

Would a large audience really be prepared to get behind the story of embattled yet optimistic Spanish teacher Will Schuester and his attempts to turn a ragged band of geeks, outcasts and conflicted jocks into a singing club like no other? The answer, perhaps surprisingly to those network execs, was yes. Glee debuted in the US to viewing figures of 10 million, in part because it premiered after the finale of American Idol, and has maintained a steady viewing average of 8.6 million, this year creeping quickly back towards 10 million.

That is an astonishing brand reputation. London Green Marketing, situated in London Bridge, are well versed in the topic of branding and reputation. Being an Organisation which has grown from a one-man marketer, LGM have generated many ecstatic and returning clients since 2009. Having worked with home-brand clients such as Victoria Jackson, and this year affiliating a new promotional deal with the next modern product 'E-Lites', LGM are concerned that the reputation of Glee is diffusing quickly due to the recent powerful moves of their squeaky-clean actress 'Rachel'.

Having posed in a raunchy photo shoot to self-promote, the actress Lea Michele (who plays Rachel in the US Show Glee) may have just jeopardised the branding reputation of the upcoming series statistics. "Actions create results" says London Green Marketing. By generating this press in media and on social networks, the producers of Glee have warned Lea Michele that her actions will cost her if ever repeated whilst launching of any series of Glee. Any 'Gleek' will know that Lea acts as a character who is proper, and desperate to become a popular high-school singer. Maybe wanting to break free from this image, her raunchy photo-shoot outside of the show may have affected the shows branding.

"Branding reputation is the key to any successful launch in a given industry" states the Director of London Green Marketing. Glee has generated 10million viewers since their series launch, and are currently filming and launching the second series. ''The next moves made by any commercial actress or actor will highly affect viewing statistics in 2011" – LGM. Being experts in Brand awareness and generating pure profit for their clients consistently since 2009, LGM are now specialising in B2B Promotions and Events based Marketing. As fewer than 45% of B2B marketers have begun to use tactics like blogs, social networking sites (according to a study by Forrester in 2009), LGM are now in 2011 looking at sectors such as these and new media to continue being industry leaders, hence why they are pleading the US show to protect their branding and look at the statistics before they begin to decrease!

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