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August 14, 2008 06:00 ET

GLG Life Tech Corporation Announces Q2 2008 Results-Record Production and Shipments of High Grade Stevia Achieved for the Second Quarter

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Aug. 14, 2008) - GLG Life Tech Corporation ("GLG" or the "Company") (TSX:GLG), a world leader in the production of high-quality stevia, announces financial results for the second quarter of 2008. During the period, the Company achieved record levels of production and shipments of high grade stevia ("HGS") extract. The new production line announced on May 2, 2008 more than doubled production for the quarter as anticipated and the Company was able to produce 40 metric tons of HGS, 220% higher than its previous quarterly production average. GLG has also achieved many milestones towards the development of its business plan during the second quarter including planting a record number of high quality stevia seedlings for this year's harvest, significant progress on the advancement of key capital expansion projects and the development of its consumer division with Weider Global Nutrition. Further, GLG's committed HGS order backlog is US$ 34 million as of July 31, 2008 for delivery over the period Q3 2008 to Q3 2009.

Second Quarter 2008 Financial Results


Revenues for the second quarter ending June 30, 2008 were $1,238,893, a decrease of 4.5% from $1,297,344 in revenue for the second quarter in 2007. Stevia revenue was $1,091,720 for the second quarter in 2008, a marginal decrease from $1,093,863 in the second quarter 2007. Towards the end of the quarter, the Company shipped three containers of high grade stevia product produced during the quarter to a customer with sales term CIF destination point. As a result, the inventory is accounted for as goods in transit at the end of the current quarter. The customer confirmed the receipt of these shipments in July and revenue from this shipment will be recognized as sales in the third quarter along with a reduction in the amounts due to customers on GLG's balance sheet. Revenue for the second quarter was therefore lower than expected due to the shipments in transit to its strategic customer at quarter end. If the value of the goods in transit was to be added to the sales for the second quarter, the value of the goods shipped during the quarter would have met Management's expectations. Inclusion of the sales value of the goods in transit at quarter end with recognized revenue for the second quarter would have increased revenue during the second quarter to approximately $3.5 million.

After meeting rigorous food safety audit standards of its strategic customer, GLG's new secondary processing production line ("Line 3") began operations in early May. Line 3 has been built to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) specifications and has an output capacity of between 40-50 metric tons per month of high grade stevia. Line 3 employs GLG's "re-crystallization" technology to take the Company's intermediate product (RA60 industrial powder) and further refine it to higher levels between RA80 and RA97 depending on customer specifications. As a direct result of Line 3 coming into operation during the second quarter, GLG produced and shipped its highest volume of high grade stevia extract ever with tonnage approaching 40 metric tons. To management's knowledge, Line 3 is currently the largest re-crystallization facility for high grade stevia extract in the world today.

Gross Profit

Gross profit for the quarter ending June 30, 2008 was $439,862, a decrease of 6.8% from $472,013 in gross profit for Q2 2007. The main driver for the decrease in gross profit for the second quarter 2008 compared with the second quarter of 2007 was lower stevia revenue recognized than expected due to late in the quarter shipments.

Gross profit for the first half of 2008 was $909,257, a decrease of 3% from $937,722 in gross profit for the first half of 2007. Gross profit from the Company's procurement business segment was up 40% for the first half of 2008 compared with the first half of 2007 due to a high portion of higher margin commission sales in the first half of 2008 compared with the first half of 2007.


The SG&A increase (excluding depreciation and amortization) for Q2 2008 over Q2 2007 was $809,872 or a 233% increase. This increase was driven primarily by increases in consolidated salary and wages, consulting fees, professional fees and listing expenses. The cost increases for the second quarter are both 1) one-time related development costs for the Company related to the start-up of its new plants in China and Consumer Division and; 2) ongoing operating cost increases related to the hiring of additional staff in China for the new production line and new Greenfield plants.


EBITDA for the quarter ending June 30, 2008 was ($377,699) a decrease of 364% from $231,671 n EBITDA in Q2 2007. The main drivers for the decrease in EBITDA are attributable to lower gross profit from the stevia business relative to the second quarter in 2007 as well as higher operating expenses for the Company. Lower gross profit was driven by cost factors described in the gross profit analysis as well as the shipment of a material amount of product at the end of the second quarter that was classified as goods in transit with the corresponding gross profit deferred until the third quarter. The higher operating expenses of the Company were driven by the start-up of its two new Greenfield processing facilities in China located in the cities of Mingguang and Dongtai, and the start-up of its new consumer products division in advance of material revenues. GLG has also incurred higher public company and corporate governance costs associated with its recent TSX listing and corporate development projects undertaken in the second quarter.

Net Income (loss)

Net loss for the second quarter 2008 was $1,068,286, a decrease of 1,208% from second quarter 2007 net income of $96,422. The basic earnings (loss) per share (EPS) were ($0.02) for the second quarter 2008 compared with $0.00 for the second quarter of 2007. Earnings were impacted by lower gross profit from the Company's stevia business segment, increased labour costs and expenses associated with the start-up of new facilities and the development of the new consumer products division.

Summary of Second Quarter Results

The following results have been derived from and should be read in conjunction with the consolidated financial statements of GLG for the quarter ending June 30, 2008, and its annual consolidated financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2007. Certain 2007 comparative figures have been reclassified to conform to the current financial statement presentation.

In thousands $Canadian
Q2 08 Q2 07 % Change
Consolidated Revenue $ 1,239 $ 1,297 (4.5)
Consolidated Gross Profit $ 440 $ 472 (6.8)
% of Revenue 35.5% 36.4% (0.9)
Consolidated Expenses $ 1,331 $ 350 280
% of Revenue 107% 26.9% 80.5
Income from Operations (Loss) ($891) $ 122 (829)
% of Revenue (71.9%) 9.4% (81.3)
Other Income (Expenses) ($177) ($26) (356)
% of Revenue (14.3%) (2.0%) (12.3)
Net Income (loss) before Tax ($1,068) $96 (1208)
% of Revenue (86.2%) 7.4% (93.6)
Net Income (loss) after Tax ($1,068) $96 (1208)
Earnings per share (Basic) ($0.02) $ 0.00 (100)
Earnings per share (Fully Diluted) ($0.01) $ 0.00 (100)
Consolidated Depreciation & Amortization $ 483 $ 109 341
% of Revenue 39.0% 8.4% 30.6
EBITDA ($378) $ 232 (263)
% of Revenue (31%) 18% (49)

In thousands $Canadian
In thousands Canadian $ June 30, 2008 December 31, 2007
Cash $ 30,374 $28,253
Current Ratio 6.18 3.09
Working Capital $ 39,707 $29,843
Total Assets $104,722 $89,014
Total Liabilities $ 7,667 $14,261
Advances from Customers $ 5,957 $ 6,549
Loans Payable (Current Portion) - $ 6,000
Total Equity $ 97,055 $74,753

Updates on key developments

Strategic Alliance and Supply Agreement Amendment signed with GLG's Strategic Customer

Further to the GLG press release of July 17, 2008, GLG and its strategic customer have completed the final negotiations and have signed the previously announced amendment on August 11, 2008. There were no material changes to the negotiated changes as previously disclosed however GLG is no longer obligated to offer up to 93% of its production of RA extract to this customer and this clause has been replaced with a proactive forecasting process between the two parties to address future year's stevia extract requirements for GLG's strategic customer.

2008 Stevia Leaf Harvest

- 2008 stevia leaf harvest is underway as of end of July 2008.

- Exclusive growing regions in Dongtai, Minggung and Juancheng have given GLG control over large percentage of stevia leaf in these areas.

- GLG is working very closely with local governments for leaf purchase.

- Quality of leaf purchased is at least twice as good as last year's harvest (lower foreign material content), which is expected to lead to better production yields and lower costs.

- Quantity of leaf available will allow GLG to meet its 2009 production target of 500-600 metric tons of high grade stevia extract.

- Harvest expected to be completed by early to mid September.

Construction of New Facilities to Increase Production Capacity and Revenues

- New 500 metric ton (MT) HGS production line has been completed and is operational as of May 2, 2008.

- High-grade stevia extract production per month has doubled with new 500 MT line.

- New Greenfield leaf processing plants at Mingguang and Dongtai, are on schedule for completion in the fourth quarter.

Implementation a New Consumer Products Division and Commencement of Operations

- During the period GLG launched its consumer division and made progress with the development of several industrial and consumer products.

- The first sale of GLG's rebsweet formulated and granulated product in this division was sold to Weider Canada for use in the current distribution of Weider's Stevia Sweet product using GLG's rebsweet formula. Stevia Sweet in Canada is currently found in Wal-Mart, Safeway and Sobeys West.

- The Consumer Division also offers industrial and formulated Anysweet as well as the high purity product Rebpure. These products are fully developed and it is anticipated that during Q3 new customers, new distribution locations and orders will be established.

- GLG continues to develop a full line of consumer products in both rebsweet and rebpure formulas. These products will be introduced to the market progressively over the next several quarters.

- GLG and Weider Global Nutrition continued to work on the details of the venture agreement. It is anticipated that the final agreement will be signed during Q3 2008.

Financial Outlook for the remainder of GLG's 2008 Fiscal Year

2008 Estimate 2007 Actual
Revenue $16 to $18 million $9.1 million
EBITDA $2.6 to 3.0 million $1.5 million
Capital Expenditures(CAPEX) $65 to $75 million $6.5 million

GLG Reconfirms 2008 Revenue and EBITDA guidance

- US$ 34 million order backlog for HGS for delivery Q3 2008 through Q3 2009

- New production line proven and doubled HGS output starting in June 2008

- New consumer products division expected to contribute to margins and revenue in Q3 2008

- Revenues expected to reach record levels in Q4 2008 with new capacity coming on line and a record 2008 stevia leaf harvest

GLG is reducing guidance for Capital Expenditures from $75-85 million to $65-75 million due to build out of 1,000 metric tons of HGS capacity compared to the original plan for 1,500 metric tons.

Management expects to have sufficient capital to complete the 2008 business plan based on the June 30, 2008 cash position of $30.4 million and the addition of recent financings totally over $68 million.

Management's Discussion and Analysis containing a complete review of financial results as well as financial statements and the Annual Information Form are available on the Company's website at or on SEDAR at

About GLG Life Tech Corporation

GLG Life Tech Corporation specializes in growing, refining, and producing high grade stevia extract, a natural, zero-calorie sweetener. With fully integrated stevia operations, GLG is the leading supplier of high quality stevia production in China. The Company is also engaged in the distribution of nutritional products in China and holds exclusive agreements with Weider Global Nutrition and Shandong Yong He Tang Health Products Chain Stores Ltd., whose franchise network includes over 1,400 locations. Please visit for further information.

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