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August 14, 2007 08:40 ET

Glitnir maintains strong position in the Nordic Capital Market

REYKJAVIK, ICELAND--(Marketwire - August 14, 2007) -

Reykjavik/Oslo/Stockholm/Helsinki/Copenhagen - 14 August 2007 - Glitnir maintains a strong position in the Nordic Capital market, with an increase in the market share in the aggregated Nordic market from 6.37% in June to 6.61% in July. Glitnir was thus the second largest broker in the market in July*.

"We are keeping up the momentum. Average daily share trading on the Nordic Exchange was up 67% compared to July last year, and we continue to increase our market share", says Lárus Welding, CEO, Glitnir.

Glitnir marketshare June   July   YTD
Nordics              6,37%  6,61%  6,22%
OMX                  6,44%  6,77%  6,33%
Stockholm            7,00%  7,49%  6,31%
Helsinki             5,42%  4,72%  5,94%
Oslo                 6,10%  6,00%  5,83%
Reykjavik           23,06% 14,12% 21,67%
Copenhagen           3,27%  3,90%  3,32%

                      OMX                            Oslo   Nordics
Broker                July    YTD      July         YTD  July   YTD
Enskilda Banken AB   5,85%  7,04%     7,06%       8,60% 6,10% 7,38%
Morgan Stanley & Co.
International Ltd.   6,90%  6,35%     7,72%       6,92% 7,07% 6,47%
Glitnir/FIM          6,77%  6,33%     6,00%       5,83% 6,61% 6,22%
Carnegie Investment
Bank AB              2,66%  4,10%     8,95%       8,25% 3,97% 5,01%
Merrill Lynch
International        4,67%  4,22%     5,99%       4,29% 4,94% 4,24%

Almar Gudmundsson, Head of Nordic Research in Glitnir attributes the growth to Glitnir's research teams' efforts and the material they produce. "We've seen increased volatility in the markets over the past weeks. The value of our top class research material can best be seen in circumstances like that. We are steadily growing our research teams to support our position as a top player in the Nordic equity markets", he says.

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*Based on statistics published by OMX and Oslo Børs

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