August 04, 2011 12:28 ET

GLMPS Introduces Magical New Way to Share Life

iPhone App Captures Video Around Every Photo You Snap -- Resulting Glmps Can Be Shared in Seconds

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Aug 4, 2011) - GLMPS today introduces a disruptive iPhone app that blends video with photo, creating a magical new way to share your life. More than a photo, and not quite a staged video, GLMPS allows you to "press play on your photos," capturing moments with unprecedented and unparalleled richness. Once captured, moments are easily shared with one click via Facebook, Twitter, foursquare, and Tumblr, or via email, text message, etc.

GLMPS is available for download in the iTunes App Store here.

"GLMPS is one of my favorite new iPhone apps of the year," said Robert Scoble. "I saw the app in its early stages and was blown away by the promise it showed. I see a lot of cool stuff, and this will be big."

"We saw GLMPS earlier this year and it was a no-brainer to integrate with the foursquare platform," said Holger Luedorf, VP Mobile & Strategic Partnerships, foursquare. "GLMPS enriches the check-in experience by providing a quick, rich snapshot of the moment. It's our goal to give our millions of users and our brand partners the ultimate engagement experience, and GLMPS is a powerful tool for everyone in the foursquare ecosystem."

Unlike any other media, GLMPS combines the ease of snapping a photo with the richness and depth only video can deliver, providing both a snapshot of the moment and a glimpse of what led up to that moment, essentially taking you briefly back in time. Video content creation remains a missing ingredient in people's lives and in online communities. Video provides the most intimate look into a person's life, but the barriers to entry are still too high for the average person.

"GLMPS fundamentally changes the way people think about capturing and sharing moments," said Paul Robinett, founder, GLMPS. "Apple has really set the table for innovation in mobile, social media. But photo sharing is limited to a static image, and video content creation requires editing and post-production to get right. GLMPS brings it all together with a tool so simple that anyone with an iPhone can now effortlessly create and share highlight reels of their lives."

Upcoming features include the ability to stitch together glmpses to create highlight reels of life's moments from the perspective of individuals or groups based on time, tags and location.

For more info and to start glmpsing your life today, please visit

GLMPS is a magical way to share life. A video clip is automatically captured with every picture you take -- the result is a creatively packaged glimpse that can be shared with friends and family in real time. GLMPS was lovingly designed and built by Paul Robinett, Nick Long, and Esther Crawford, who believe it should be simple to share moments that matter. Founded in 2010, GLMPS is currently self-funded and based in San Francisco. For more info, please visit

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