Global Action Network

Global Action Network

July 09, 2007 10:49 ET

Global Action Network Uncovers Illegal Practices at Foie Gras Operation, Urges Prosecution

Undercover Investigation Reveals Gratuitous and Sickening Abuse at Canada's Largest Foie Gras Producer

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - July 9, 2007) - At a news conference on Wed, 11 July 2007, the Quebec based Global Action Network will release shocking new video footage and photographs of illegal and cruel behavior obtained through an undercover investigation of Quebec's largest foie gras producer - Elevages Perigord. The extensive investigation was conducted in partnership with the US-based Farm Sanctuary. The footage, taken in several Elevages Perigord owned facilities, shows repeated acts of extreme cruelty towards ducks, many of which violate federal animal welfare laws including:

- Tearing the heads of live ducks off

- Kicking, throwing and punching ducks

- Leaving ducklings to die of hypothermia and asphyxiation inside trash cans

- Bashing live ducks against walls and floors

- Suffocating and crushing live ducklings

- Force feeding ducks

- Slaughter of fully-conscious ducks

Global Action Network representatives will screen the undercover video footage, present details of the investigation and expert veterinary testimony, and ask consumers and retailers to stop purchasing all foie gras products.

Date: Wed, 11 July 2007

Time: 10 am

Place: Centre St. Pierre - 1212, rue Panet, Room 204

Andrew Plumbly, Director of Global Action Network, said: "Our video evidence proves that the foie gras industry is inherently cruel. This industry has no place in civilized society and we are asking the provincial and federal governments to outlaw the production of foie gras immediately. We are also calling on all consumers and food distributors to make the compassionate decision to stop buying foie gras."

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