March 30, 2007 07:00 ET

Global Alliance Formed to Solve World's Ethanol and Industrial By-Product Waste Issues

ENCAP's Advanced Technologies Lead Way for International Waste Transformation Technology Center

GREEN BAY, WI -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 30, 2007 -- ENCAP, LLC, the Wisconsin-based innovator of advanced soil and waste transformation technologies, today announced the formation of a Global Alliance aimed at addressing the World's agricultural, ethanol, and paper waste issues. Representatives from numerous countries were on hand in Cali, Colombia March 23, at the official signing of the Alliance Agreement, where each of the nine companies/organizations in the Global Alliance pledged both short and long-term resources to help address these problems.

The Alliance will build a Waste Transformation Technology Center based on the process and business model currently in production at ENCAP's Green Bay, Wis. manufacturing facility. ENCAP's technology works by transforming a by-product or raw material into a completely new, market-driven product. ENCAP accomplishes this by combining these raw materials with the company's Advanced Soil Technology™ (AST™). AST™ is used to create ideal soil conditions for plant growth, help solve soil erosion problems, and improve moisture management. Using this technology, ENCAP manufactures a variety of soil and water-based products sold throughout the world, including some of the nation's largest retailers.

Sugar-based plants are prevalent throughout the world, and many countries are utilizing these plants to produce ethanol. While ethanol is a more environment-friendly way of powering vehicles than traditional methods, producing ethanol, whether from sugar or starch-based plants, generates a large amount of effluents, which are liquid or solid wastes. ENCAP's Colombian facility will focus on transforming waste from sugar, corn, rice, cassava, bio-diesel, and other starch-based plants into AST™.

The core technology driving this endeavor is ENCAP's Waste Transformation Technology™ (WTT™). ENCAP's WTT™ works by converting raw materials, in this case, waste by-products, into a dry granule. Combining this dry granule with ENCAP's AST™ creates an end product that is used to fill a previously established market need, such as erosion control, animal feed, fertilizer control, seed establishment or water management. "When dealing with waste products, the two most important factors to success are environmental safety and a distinct economic and marketable advantage of the end product," said Michael Krysiak, president of ENCAP.

In addition to ENCAP, eight other organizations have joined to form the Global Alliance:

--  FEECO International, Inc. (USA) -- Specializing in process
    technologies, engineering and equipment manufacturing for the power and
    utility, paper, fertilizer, chemical processing, mining and related
--  SoilNet (USA) -- Creator of environment-friendly advanced technology
    products aimed at controlling erosion, water clarification and dust
    abatement; resulting from construction, agriculture, mining and both
    military and civilian traffic.
--  CIAT (International Center for Tropical Agriculture) -- Non-profit
    global organization that conducts socially and environmentally progressive
    research aimed at reducing hunger and poverty, and preserving natural
    resources in developing countries.
--  CLAYUCA (Latin America) -- Non-profit organization focused on
    improving the standard of living and the sustainable management of the
    natural resources in the regions of Latin America and the Caribbean. ENCAP
    and FEECO are the US representatives within this organization.
--  Propal (Latin America) -- One of Latin America's largest paper mills.
--  Mayazguez, Providencia, Rio Paila Sugar (Colombia) -- Three of the
    largest sugar mills in Colombia, some of which having ethanol plants.
The initial processing plant will be located at the CIAT global research and learning facility in Cali, Colombia. The center was originally placed in Cali by support from the Rockefeller and Ford foundations. The facility will serve as a prototype for larger operations that will be built throughout the world.

SoilNet and FEECO are ENCAP's Wisconsin-based partners in the Alliance. "ENCAP provides the technology and intellectual property, SoilNet supports the science, and FEECO offers the material processing knowledge," said Krysiak. "The three companies together offer a world-class combination of expertise, ingenuity and real innovation."

The processing plant will be built by FEECO International, based on ENCAP designs. "The Alliance is the catalyst to building ENCAP facilities Worldwide," said Willis Black, International Business Development Manager of FEECO. "Because the World is embracing ethanol as a practical energy resource, there has to be an efficient and environment-friendly way of handling the production waste. Given the resulting value, we are confident that ENCAP's Waste Transformation Technology is the answer."

"The Alliance is the first step to solving many bio-refining ethanol, agricultural and paper waste issues around the World," said Dr. Aicardo Roa, president of SoilNet, a World-renowned soil and water expert, and native of Colombia. "It's satisfying to know that my years of research will have a positive impact on the world's environment through ENCAP's technologies."

"The international ethanol industry will gain a competitive advantage over conventional fuel sources by implementing the Waste Transformation Technologies," said Krysiak. "By successfully transforming waste materials into meaningful, valuable, and effective erosion control and fertilizer products for use in agriculture and construction, the need for government support of these industries will likely be reduced."


ENCAP™ develops and markets advanced technologies that fight erosion, establish seeds, and hold fertilizers in place. ENCAP sells its products to the world's largest lawn and garden retailers, the professional landscape/golf market and various government agencies. ENCAP owns the international patents and exclusive rights to numerous soil and water related technologies used to create their RETAIN, Fast Acting Lime, New Lawn Kit, Grass Repair Kit, PAM-12 and other products.

About SoilNet

SoilNet LLC is a company dedicated to engineering environmentally beneficial polymer based products that are extremely effective. SoilNet researches and develops advanced science-based products for use in erosion control, water clarification, and dust abatement; resulting from construction, agriculture, mining and both military and civilian traffic.


FEECO International, Inc. was founded in 1951 and offers a complete range of engineering, equipment manufacturing and construction services for the power/utility, paper, fertilizer, chemical processing, mining and other related industries. FEECO manufactures equipment that include: granulators, rotary dryers and rotary coolers, mixing and conditioning equipment, chemical processing, agglomeration equipment, size reduction equipment, material handling equipment including belt, steep incline and radial stacking conveyors and bucket elevators.

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