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February 17, 2012 13:30 ET

Global Arbitration Lawyers Provides Fast, Controlled, and Confidential Resolutions in International Disputes With Positive Outcomes for Its Clients

CARLSBAD, CA--(Marketwire - Feb 17, 2012) -, presented by the law firm of Connon Wood Scheidemantle LLP, provides multi-national arbitration and litigation services both in the United States and abroad. Their experienced and efficient arbitration experts can help businesses quickly resolve disputes while managing legal expenses. There are a lot of very good reasons to arbitrate an international dispute. Here are five that move the needle in almost every situation and why an arbitration clause should be in every international agreement between businesses.

First, experienced arbitrators create a neutral playing field. Rather than being forced blindly in front of a judge or tribunal with no control over who hears the matter, an arbitrator is usually selected by the parties. It can be a distinct disadvantage to try and litigate a matter in a foreign country with a foreign judge. Arbitration gives both sides the opportunity to choose who is going to hear the matter, evening the field considerably.

Second, arbitration awards are both recognized and enforceable around the world. This helps remove the concern that a foreign court might refuse to recognize or enforce a court judgment. If necessary, businesses can point to an arbitration award across the globe to maintain their rights.

Third, the arbitration process is fast. The legal system, in any country, can tie businesses up for years. The last thing businesses want is to miss opportunities because they are tied up in litigation elsewhere.

Fourth, parties can agree that the arbitration process be kept confidential. Arbitration offers businesses and their opponent control over the process that may not be afforded in the courts. Keeping the arbitration confidential will protect businesses' valuable information, and that of their opponent, from the prying eyes of their competitors and other third parties.

Finally, the arbitration process is final. There are no appeals, and no additional litigation. Being able to move on and move forward is valuable, arbitration makes that happen faster. Businesses do not want to waste years in appellate litigation, nor do they want to waste the capital needed to pay for that litigation. Arbitration solves both of those problems.

Arbitrating international disputes solves the very problems that make international disputes costly, time consuming, and damaging to both parties. Failure to utilize this tool can harm businesses, especially when confidentiality and finality are important.

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