SOURCE: Global BioSciences, Inc.

May 11, 2005 07:30 ET

Global BioSciences Removes MTBE, and Other Major Pollutants, From Soil and Groundwater: Rapid, Cost-Effective, Natural, Patented Process With No Soil Excavation

NORWOOD, MA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 11, 2005 -- Global BioSciences Inc. ("GBI"), today announced rapid, cost-effective remediation of methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE) from soil and groundwater in multiple sites using its proprietary Butane Biostimulation Technologies™ (Butane Biosparging™ , Butane Bioventing™, collectively "BBT").

"We are very pleased by these results," said Felix Perriello, GBI President and inventor of BBT. "Not only did BBT remediate MTBE, it also remediated other site-specific pollutants and did so rapidly. Most remediation processes take years, using either harsh or expensive treatments, genetically altered organisms or soil excavation. Few effectively treat both contaminated soil and groundwater. Our results were obtained in 15 months or less, with none of those undesirable characteristics. Speed can be especially critical when water supplies are involved or threatened."

MTBE reduction data:

Site #1:  36,000 to 3000 µg/L in 15 months, despite a new leak discovered
          at 6 months.

Site #2:  544,000 to 14,000 µg/L in just 9 months.

Site #3:  16,000 to 100 µg/L in just 7 months.

Site #4:  206,000 to 4000 µg/L in just 6 months.

Site #5:  31,000 to 200 µg/L in just 4 months.
"MTBE pollution understandably concerns environmental and health officials," said Paul Abrams, M.D., J.D., GBI Executive Chairman. "GBI's patented technology remediates MTBE, as well as other pollutants, providing a solution for this problem for governments, local water companies and private companies. Applying BBT widely could dramatically minimize this health hazard."

Among the potential applications for BBT remediation: closed military bases for return to recreational, residential or industrial use; gasoline stations; refineries. Gasoline stations might be outfitted with BBT preventatively to remediate any problem when a leak begins before contaminants reach the water table.

About BBT

BBT stimulate bacteria naturally occurring in the soil and groundwater to produce enzymes that degrade MTBE to water and carbon dioxide.

A simple, inexpensive well system is drilled in an affected site, and a small panel controls the injection and composition of a butane/air mixture. BBT has been used under both state and federal (superfund) programs.

About MTBE

MTBE is an additive that results in cleaner burning gasoline, reducing air pollution. When gasoline tanks leak, however, the MTBE seeps into soil and groundwater. MTBE is a carcinogen. Tens of thousands of gasoline stations and other sites that store gasoline have leaked MTBE-containing gasoline into soil and groundwater in the United States.

About Global BioSciences, Inc.

Global BioSciences, Inc., is a privately held company that exploits the unique properties of butane for soil and groundwater remediation, wastewater treatment, enhancing plant growth, enhancing lawn growth, reducing fouling of oil wells and water wells, and other applications. GBI owns 11 issued and 15 pending United States patents covering these and other applications, and corresponding foreign filings.

Global BioSciences, Inc. invites inquiries from parties that want to use BBT.

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