Global Coupon Inc.

Global Coupon Inc.

August 14, 2012 09:00 ET

Global Coupon Launches Campaign with Indiegogo to Expand Reach of Global Digital Marketing Platform seeks funds to drive awareness for global social entrepreneurship in the digital age within its first year.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Aug. 14, 2012) - Global Coupon Inc., today announced the company has launched an campaign to fund the accelerated worldwide release of its much anticipated web-based platform, a revolutionary digital brand offers and brand advertising platform that brings together consumers, businesses, individual entrepreneurs, community groups and charitable organizations into a single purpose-built online community. The campaign aims to raise a minimum $1,000,000 to expand the awareness and education of the new business model on a global scale within its first year, above and beyond its planned industry launch at ad:tech London in September, 2012.

As the largest, social and entrepreneurial global crowdfunding site, Global Coupon selected Indiegogo for one of its initial funding campaigns as it offers a collaborative community of individuals who support meaningful change and authentic values around the world. Based on principals of social entrepreneurship, community building and individual empowerment, is designed to solve the real challenges facing consumers and businesses of all sizes - local to global - inclusive of those living in populous emerging markets and developing nations.

"Global Coupon, a mass oriented commercial enterprise that uniquely cuts across various domains such as ecommerce, digital media, social media, and web-based to mobile, was born in answer to a systemic global problem," stated Jason Hari, Founder and CEO of Global Coupon. "To me, the globalized, digital world isn't living up to its potential. Access to knowledge-based economies is the key. The rich are getting richer and the poor, poorer, and more displaced. Yet, we have the opportunity to create meaningful digital tools that help connect mass consumers, mass businesses and communities in meaningful ways, while empowering them with new integrative business models that support vibrant economies around the world, which can ultimately and positively address generational poverty. A solution to such large-scale challenges would be at once both simple and radically different from the current standards of operation." is a revolutionary global digital marketing platform focused on integrating the world's markets, allowing small producers to compete on the same playing field as major multinationals like never before. With's scalable model to approach the markets of their choice, companies can conduct innovative brand marketing strategies to expand their reach and achieve sales conversion, while maintaining or growing their profit margins, brand equity and brand value. The platform also offers consumers access to unbeatable brand offers on products and services anytime, anywhere. is also designed to help empower individuals with industry leading community building and social entrepreneurship programs and tools. Founder Jason Hari aims to enhance lives by fostering business development and trade for those individuals and entrepreneurs that want to start a business, intelligently build their brands, and help sustainably grow communities and sustainable economies. Ultimately, aims to positively affect generational poverty found in both developed and developing nations.

As part of its mission, a percentage of every transaction fee generated from the site will be donated by to its local Charity of Choice, BC Children's Hospital Foundation in Vancouver, Canada. Businesses that register with the platform will also have the option to allocate a portion of their annual business spend on the platform to many other diverse charitable organizations of choice as well. Once selected, businesses do not contribute donations from their own revenue or sales. But rather, steps up to the plate and donates the amount from a portion of the fees it would normally collect from the business. This way, if businesses select BC Children's Hospital as their Charity of Choice, Global Coupon will pay twice - first its own corporate donation, and second, the donation appointed on behalf of businesses.

"Have I been called a maverick? Yes, as I take pride in doing business differently and actually getting things done," added Hari. "With Global Coupon, we are worldwide right out of the gate, changing the rules of the game so that everyone benefits around the globe and all like-minded individuals, businesses and organizations have a part in our mission."

Please visit to make a pledge. Campaign contributors will receive rewards ranging from free Global Coupon multi-year memberships and access cards (pledging $25 or more) to an all expensed paid trip for two to its VIP gala set for 2013 in Vancouver, BC (pledging $10,000).

About Global Coupon, Inc. is being developed with social entrepreneurship as its core mission. Designed to enhance lives by fostering business, economic development and trade, Founder Jason Hari has developed the platform to serve individuals and companies that want to start, maintain or expand local, national and international businesses of all types and sizes by intelligently building their brands and growing their sales and profits. In short, the company has engineered a new business ecology and marketplace, which has the necessary scope and breadth to positively affect generational poverty found in both developed and developing nations.

Join us at ad:tech London, September 19 and 20, 2012, booth #233.

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