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March 05, 2007 09:15 ET

Global Entertainment Holdings/Equities Inc. Announces Signed Agreement With Lance H. Robbins to Serve as President of the Entertainment Division of the Company Located at the Executive Offices in


Lance H. Robbins Is a $5.3 Billion Man

LOS ANGELES, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 5, 2007 -- Global Entertainment Holdings/Equities Inc. ("Global" or the "Company") (OTCBB: GAMT) (FRANKFURT: G8E1), a publicly traded, vertically integrated media company and independent producer and distribution of motion picture, video and television entertainment. 1.5 million shares float.

About Lance H. Robbins

Lance H. Robbins, 49, has served as Executive Producer/Producer on more than 280 movies for network television, cable, and video and hundreds of live action series episodes. He was the primary force behind the creation and acquisition of the Saban International, Saban Entertainment, and Fox Family Channel libraries which sold to Abc/Disney for $5.3 billion in 2001. Remaining under contract with Abc/Disney until 2003, he then re-established the Robbins Entertainment Group, a full service production, financing and distribution company which has produced and has in development more than 25 projects covering all aspects of television, broadband, mobile and internet, including animation, made-for-cable movies, live action teen and reality series, and advertiser-supported "mobisodes" and 'webisodes." In addition to producing, Robbins very early on recognized the need for advertisers to reach consumers in new and innovative ways to maintain brand awareness and loyalty due to the growing number of entertainment choices presented across the various digital platforms.

To meet these demands, Robbins formed Alternative Media Marketing in 2004, quickly becoming one of the largest distributors of non-traditional informative and entertaining CD/DVD and digital programming reaching millions of consumers through its EventCD™, DiscTicket™, Premium and Collectable Souvenir CDs, as well as representing synergistic products such as CoasterCD™ and SIPS Media spoons, straws, cups and stadium and movie theater trays. (

To complement Alternative Media Marketing, Robbins took the added step of becoming a partner in an established internet email marketing company, Click Cherry (, with an email database of more than 85,000,000 (85 Million) utilized by numerous Fortune 500 companies to drive traffic to websites, online magazines, and create awareness of existing and new product launches. In 2007, Robbins will launch movies via,,,

As President, Fox Family Television Studios Worldwide, from 1998-2002, Lance Robbins was responsible for the development and production of motion pictures, television movies and series for Fox Family Channel, as well as the continuing development of international co-productions for Fox Family Television Studios. Additional responsibilities included producing, selling and supervising production of made-for-television movies and series for other cable and broadcast networks throughout the world. Prior to the purchase of Fox Family, he served for ten years as president of Saban Entertainment, which produced, among other hits, the #1 kids program, "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers."

Robbins' credits for Fox Family Channel include: the critically acclaimed 4-hour miniseries, "Les Miserables," starring John Malkovich and Gerard Depardieu, the highly-publicized, "Elian Gonzales Story," and the three highest rated original made-for-cable movies in the 22 -year history of the Fox Family Channel: "Au Pair," "Au Pair II: The Fairy Tale Continues," and "the Michael Jordan Story." Casting the biggest stars in television and motion pictures, other network and cable movies have included "Ice Angel," "Cowboy and the Movie Star," "Blindfold," "Hard Evidence," "Earthquake in New York," "Voyage of Terror," "Freefall," "The Spiral Staircase," "Exception to the Rule," "Christmas List," "Susie Q," and "National Lampoon's Golf Punks."

For Fox Broadcasting: "The Menendez Brothers Murders" was their highest rated original 2-hour movie ever. For Tribune Broadcasting: the Emmy-nominated "To Catch a Killer," the 4-hour miniseries on the life of John Wayne Gacey, earned Brian Dennehy an Emmy for Best Actor.

An early leader in creating revenue streams via original product for direct-to-video/DVD, Robbins produced such family-friendly franchises as: "Casper, A Spirited Beginning" (Video of the Year), "Casper Meets Wendy," "Richie Rich's Christmas Wish," and "the Addams Family Reunion."

Robbins was also a leader in live action single camera series, specializing in kid, tween and young adult programming. He has been the Executive Producer/Creator on more than 17 series which include some of the biggest hits on cable, syndication and network, such as: "Sweet Valley High," "The New Addams Family," "Breaker High," "Big Wolf on Campus," "Beetleborgs," "Ninja Turtles," "Misguided Angels," "Los Luchadores," and for prime time, the 1-hour critically acclaimed drama, "Higher Ground," as well as the animated "Pigs Next Door," with voices by John Goodman, Jamie Lee Curtis and Jennifer Tilly. Many of these series involved the development of toy lines with companies including Mattel, Hasbro and Tiger Electronics.

Robbins Entertainment Group has more than 20 live-action projects in active production and development, including the recent Mary Higgins Clark suspense novels, "Cradle Will Fall," "On the Street Where you Live," "Crime of Passion," "Try to Remember," "The Second Time Around," "The Night all Hell Broke Loose"; Nelson DeMille's "Word of Honor" for TNT; "One False Move" for CBS; the prime time animated series "Jonny Internet" and "Lolo's Café" with Film Roman; a remake of the Western classic "The Hanging Tree"; "Neanderthal," the best-selling book by John Darnton, the reality series "Consenting Adults," "Swing City," "Beauty to the Beast," and "Cake: The Pleasure Club," a series pilot for Showtime.

Joining Saban Entertainment as president in 1990, Robbins was also the driving force behind Libra Pictures, formed as a separate live-action, non-children's programming division of the company. Prior to joining Saban, Robbins was vice president, creative affairs, Premiere Entertainment Group, where he oversaw the development, acquisition and production of television movies and series. He also was a founder/partner of Barnett-Robbins Enterprises from 1983-1986, a leading producer/distributor of nationally syndicated radio and television programming that was later acquired by MCA/Universal Music.

Robbins received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, Irvine, and a L.L.B. degree from Southwestern University School of Law. He is also a graduate of the UCLA Motion Picture and Television extension program.


"Raging Fear"
"Lost Cause"
"Secrets From the Grave"
"Sick Santa"
"Pray for Day"


1. "Lolo's Café" (2006) (TV) (writer-executive producer)
2. "Jonny Internet" (2005) (TV) (writer-executive producer)
3. "Sapphire Girls" (2005) (TV) (executive producer)
4. "The New Girl" (2005) (TV) (executive producer)
5. "Visions of Love" (2005) (TV) (executive producer)
6. "Model Lust" (2005) (TV) (executive producer)
7. "Neanderthal" (2004) (TV) (in development) (executive producer)
8. "One False Move" (2004) (CBS-in development) (executive producer)
9. "I'll Be Seeing You" (2004) (TV) (executive producer)
10. "Cradle Will Fall, The: (2004) (TV) (executive producer)
11. "Try to Remember" (2004) (TV) (executive producer)
12. Before I Say Goodbye (2003) (TV) (executive producer)
... aka "Mary Higgins Clark's 'Before I Say Goodbye'" (2003) (TV) (USA:
complete title)
... aka "Mary Higgins Clark: Avant de te dire adieu" (2003) (TV) (Canada:
French title)
13. "Word of Honor" (2003) (TV) (executive producer)
14. "Crime of Passion, A" (2003) (TV) (executive producer)
... aka "Mary Higgins Clark's 'A Crime of Passion'" (2003) (TV) (USA:
complete title)
... aka "Mary Higgins Clark: Un crime passionnel" (2003) (TV) (Canada:
French title)
15. "We'll Meet Again" (2002) (TV) (executive producer)
... aka "Mary Higgins Clark's 'We'll Meet Again'" (2002) (TV) (USA)
... aka "Mary Higgins Clark: Nous Nous reverends" (2002) (TV) (Canada:
French title)
16. "He Sees You When You're Sleeping" (2002) (TV) (executive producer)
17. "Au Pair II" (2001) (TV) (executive producer)
18. "Luchadores, Los" (2000) TV Series (executive producer)
19. "Special Delivery" (2000) (TV) (executive producer)
20."Final Ascent" (2000) (TV) (producer)
... aka "Final Descent" (2000) (TV) (USA: MIFED title)
21. "Rocket's Red Glare" (2000/I) (TV) (executive producer)
... aka "Mercury Project, The" (2000) (TV) (USA: MIFED title)
22. "Time Share" (2000) (executive producer)
... aka "Bitter Suite" (2000) (UK)
... aka "Time Share" (2000) (Germany: DVD title)
... aka "Time Share - Doppelpack im Ferienhaus" (2000) (Germany: TV title)
... aka "Timeshare" (2000) (Germany)
23. "Spiral Staircase, The" (2000) (TV) (executive producer)
24."St. Patrick: The Irish Legend" (2000) (TV) (executive producer)
25."Ice Angel" (2000) (TV) (executive producer)
... aka "Ange de la glace, L'" (2000) (TV) (Canada: French title)
26. "Kiss of a Stranger" (1999) (executive producer)
27. "Protector, The" (1999) (executive producer)
28. "Revenge" (1999/I) (executive producer)
... aka "Eternal Revenge" (1999) (USA: TV title)
... aka "Fallen Angel" (1999/I)
29. "Au Pair" (1999) (TV) (executive producer)
30. "Heaven's Fire" (1999) (TV) (executive producer)
... aka "Inferno der Flammen" (1999) (TV) (Germany)
31. "Don't Look Behind You" (1999) (TV) (executive producer)
... aka "Du entkommst mir nicht" (1999) (TV) (Germany)
32. "Darklings, The" (1999) (TV) (executive producer)
33. "Dangerous Waters" (1999) (TV) (executive producer)
... aka "Imminent Danger" (1999) (TV) (USA)
34. "Free Fall" (1999) (executive producer)
... aka "Angst über den Wolken" (1999) (Germany)
35. "Big Wolf on Campus" (1999) TV Series (co-producer)
36. "Error in Judgment" (1998) (executive producer)
37. "Fatal Affair" (1998) (executive producer)
... aka "Stalker, The" (1998)
38. "New Addams Family, The" (1998) TV Series (executive producer)
39. "Earthquake in New York" (1998) (TV) (executive producer)
40. "Random Encounter" (1998) (executive producer)
41. "Casper Meets Wendy" (1998) (V) (executive producer)
42. "Race Against Fear" (1998) (TV) (co-executive producer)
... aka "Broken Silence" (1998) (TV) (UK)
... aka "Sin of Silence" (1998) (TV)
43. "Men In White" (1998) (TV) (executive producer)
... aka "National Lampoon's Men in White" (1998) (TV) (USA)
44. "Sweet Deception" (1998) (TV) (executive producer)
... aka "Sweet Lies" (1998) (TV)
45. "Cowboy and the Movie Star, The" (1998) (TV) (executive producer)
... aka "Love on the Edge" (1998) (TV) (UK: cable TV title)
46. "Storm Chasers: Revenge of the Twister" (1998) (TV) (executive
47. "Breaker High" (1997) TV Series (executive producer)
48. "Criminal Affairs" (1997) (executive producer)
49. "Macon County Jail" (1997) (executive producer)
... aka "Jailbreak" (1997) (UK)
50. "My Brother's War" (1997) (executive producer)
... aka "Flashpoint" (1997) (UK)
51. "Overdrive" (1997) (executive producer)
52. Twist of Fate (1997/I) (executive producer)
... aka "Psychopath" (1997) (USA: video title)
53. "Casper: A Spirited Beginning" (1997) (V) (executive producer)
54. "Under Oath" (1997) (executive producer)
... aka "Blood Money" (1997)
... aka "Urban Justice" (1997)
55. "Black Scorpion II: Aftershock" (1997) (executive producer)
... aka "Black Scorpion: Ground Zero" (1997) (USA)
56. "Exception to the Rule" (1997) (executive producer)
... aka "Nach gefährlichen Regeln" (1997) (Germany)
57. "Hostile Force" (1996) (TV) (executive producer)
... aka "Alarm für Security 13" (1996) (TV) (Germany)
58. "House of the Damned" (1996) (executive producer)
... aka "Escape to Nowhere" (1996) (UK)
... aka "Spectre" (1996)
59. "Susie Q" (1996) (TV) (producer)
60. "Profile for Murder" (1996) (executive producer)
61. "Midnight Heat" (1996/I) (executive producer)
62. "Inhumanoid" (1996) (TV) (executive producer)
63. "Brothers' Destiny" (1995) (TV) (producer)
... aka "Long Road Home" (1995/II) (TV)
... aka "Road Home, The" (1995) (TV)
64. "Bucket of Blood" (1995) (TV) (executive producer)
... aka "Dark Secrets" (1995) (TV)
... aka "Death Artist, The" (1995) (TV)
... aka "Roger Corman Presents 'Bucket of Blood'" (1995) (TV)
65. "Crazysitter, The" (1995) (executive producer)
... aka "Two Much Trouble" (1995)
66. "Criminal Hearts" (1995) (executive producer)
67. "Deadly Sins" (1995) (executive producer)
68. "Not Like Us" (1995) (executive producer)
69. "Someone to Die For" (1995) (executive producer)
70. "Tracks of a Killer" (1995) (executive producer)
71. "Wasp Woman, The" (1995) (TV) (executive producer)
... aka "Forbidden Beauty" (1995) (TV)
... aka "Roger Corman Presents 'The Wasp Woman'" (1995) (TV)
72. "Deceptions II: Edge of Deception" (1995) (executive producer)
... aka "Edge of Deception" (1995) (USA: TV title)
73. "Black Scorpion" (1995) (TV) (executive producer)
... aka "Roger Corman Presents 'Black Scorpion'" (1995) (TV)
74. "Hard Evidence" (1995) (executive producer)
75. "Sawbones" (1995) (TV) (executive producer)
... aka "Prescription for Murder" (1995) (TV)
... aka "Roger Corman Presents Sawbones" (1995) (TV) (USA: cable TV title)
76. "Beyond Suspicion" (1994) (TV) (executive producer)
77. "Cheyenne Warrior" (1994) (TV) (executive producer)
78. "Hostile Intentions" (1994) (executive producer)
79. "No Dessert, Dad, Till You Mow the Lawn" (1994) (executive producer)
80. "Reflections on a Crime " (1994) (executive producer)
... aka "Reflections in the Dark" (1994)
81. "Suspicious Agenda" (1994) (executive producer)
82. "Terminal Voyage" (1994) (executive producer)
... aka "Starquest" (1994) (USA: TV title)
83. "Trigger Fast" (1994) (executive producer)
84. "Unlawful Passage" (1994) (executive producer)
85. "In the Heat of Passion II: Unfaithful" (1994) (executive producer)
... aka "Behind Closed Doors" (1994)    / ... aka "Unfaithful" (1994)
86. "Sweet Valley High" (1994) TV Series (executive producer)
... aka "California College: les jumelles de Sweet Valley" (1994) (France:
dubbed version)
... aka "Francine Pascal's 'Sweet Valley High'" (1994)
87. "Blindfold: Acts of Obsession" (1994) (TV) (executive producer) ... aka
"Blindfold" (1994/I) (TV)
88. "Honor Thy Father and Mother: The True Story of the Menendez Murders"
(1994) (TV) (producer)
... aka "Honor Thy Father and Mother: The Menendez Killings" (1994) (TV)
89. "Shadow of Obsession" (1994) (TV) (executive producer)
90. "Tomcat: Dangerous Desires" (1993) (associate producer)
... aka "Dangerous Desires" (1993)
91. "Under Investigation" (1993) (TV) (executive producer)
92. "Anything for Love" (1993) (executive producer)
... aka "Just One of the Girls" (1993) (USA: TV title)
93. "Black Ice" (1992) (executive producer)
... aka "Passion for Murder, A" (1992) (UK)
94. "Prey of the Chameleon" (1992) (executive producer)
95. "Revenge on the Highway" (1992) (TV) (executive producer)
... aka "Silent Thunder" (1992) (TV)
96. "Round Trip to Heaven" (1992) (executive producer)
97. "To Catch a Killer" (1992) (mini) TV Series (co-executive producer)
98. "Backstreet Dreams" (1990) (producer)
... aka "Backstreet Strays" (1990)

Executive Producer / Writer

"Lolo's Cafe" (in production)  Film Roman
Executive Producer-Writer

"Jonny Internet" (in post-production) Film Roman
Executive Producer-Writer

"Big Wolf on Campus" Fox Family Channel 65 episodes
Currently in production
(Co-production w/ Cinegroupe)

"Los Luchadores" for Fox Kids 16 episodes

"Higher Ground" for Fox Family Channel 22 episodes
(Co-production with Lions Gate)

"Pigs Next Door" International 26 episodes
(Co-production with EM-TV)

"All New Addams Family" Fox Family Channel 65 episodes

"Misguided Angels" Fox Family Channel 22 episodes

"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Fox Kids 26 episodes

"Beetleborgs" Fox Kids 44 episodes

"Breaker High" UPN 44 episodes

"Sweet Valley High" Syndicated 88 episodes
Executive Producer-Writer
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