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January 04, 2013 09:21 ET

Global Equity Markets Reflected Positive Returns on First Trading Day of 2013 After Russell Global Indexes Post Strong Gains in 2012

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - Jan 4, 2013) - The U.S. equity markets showed positive returns on Wednesday, January 2nd 2013 as reflected by the Russell U.S. Indexes, the day after U.S. Congress passed a resolution to avert the so-called "fiscal cliff." The Russell 1000® Index of large-cap U.S. stocks reflected a daily return of 2.5%, led by the Technology (3.1%), Financial Services (2.8%) and Consumer Staples (2.7%) sectors. And the Russell 2000® Index of small-cap U.S. stocks reflected a daily return of 2.8%, led by the Materials & Processing (3.6%), Technology (3.5%) and Consumer Staples (3.0%) sectors. In addition, the Russell 2000 Index reached an all-time high on Wednesday in total and price index value.*

Other world equity markets also performed strongly Wednesday, with positive returns for the Russell Eurozone Index, Russell Greater China Index and Russell Emerging Markets Index. This follows positive returns for these indexes in 2012.

"By forging a last minute deal to mitigate much of the immediate impact of the fiscal cliff, the White House, Senate, and the Republican-controlled House of Representatives addressed the first (but by no means only) policy challenge in 2013 -- and the short-term reaction has been a rally in global risk assets as shown by equity index returns to begin the year," said Stephen Wood, Chief Market Strategist for Russell Investments. "An 'all clear sign' is premature as unresolved fiscal issues in the U.S. as well as Europe will keep uncertainty alive in the coming months. As a consequence, we expect to see ongoing volatility and a 'risk-on/risk-off' investment environment globally, which may increase the need for a dynamic, multi-asset portfolio approach."

Index / Sector   2012   January 2, 2013
Russell 1000 Index   16.4%   2.5%
Russell 1000 Technology Sector   12.5%   3.1%
Russell 1000 Financial Services Sector   27.2%   2.8%
Russell 1000 Consumer Staples Sector   10.0%   2.7%
Russell 1000 Materials & Processing Sector   17.7%   2.6%
Russell 1000 Producer Durables Sector   16.3%   2.5%
Russell 1000 Utilities Sector   7.8%   2.4%
Russell 1000 Consumer Discretionary Sector   25.3%   2.3%
Russell 1000 Energy Sector   4.1%   2.3%
Russell 1000 Healthcare Sector   19.5%   2.0%
Russell 2000 Index   16.4%   2.8%
Russell 2000 Materials & Processing Sector   26.4%   3.6%
Russell 2000 Technology Sector   9.3%   3.5%
Russell 2000 Consumer Staples Sector   10.9%   3.0%
Russell 2000 Energy Sector   -3.9%   2.9%
Russell 2000 Financial Services Sector   21.3%   2.8%
Russell 2000 Healthcare Sector   17.3%   2.8%
Russell 2000 Producer Durables Sector   15.9%   2.8%
Russell 2000 Utilities Sector   5.8%   2.4%
Russell 2000 Consumer Discretionary Sector   23.3%   2.0%
Russell Eurozone Index   20.8%   2.9%
Russell Greater China Index   21.2%   2.3%
Russell Emerging Markets Index   19.1%   2.0%

Source: Russell Investments

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