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Global eTelecom, Inc.

Global eTelecom, Inc.

June 25, 2012 05:00 ET

Global eTelecom Selects NorseCorp's eCommerce Fraud Prevention Service to Secure Payment Processing

Service Provides IPQ™ Score to Reduce Losses Caused by eCommerce Fraud

FT. WALTON BEACH, FL--(Marketwire - Jun 25, 2012) - Global eTelecom, Inc. (GETI), one of the largest electronic check and ACH payment processors in the U.S., has selected NorseCorp's eCommerce Fraud Prevention service to secure the processor's ACH (Automatic Clearing House) or "eCheck" transactions for GETI and its more than 55,000 nationwide merchants.

As part of the eCommerce Fraud Prevention, GETI will integrate NorseCorp's IPViking technology and use the proprietary and real-time IPQ™ Score indicator to prevent high-risk and potentially fraudulent payments from being accepted by merchants.

GETI processes millions of electronic items per month. The company is one of the fastest growing payment processors in the nation with more than 2,000 merchants joining its network each month.

"GETI's adoption of NorseCorp's eCommerce Fraud Prevention service is an important part of our effort to secure eCommerce transactions and protect our merchants," said Chris Brundage, Chief Operating Officer of Global eTelecom. "Some of our merchants have used the service for credit card transactions with their bankcard processor, and are extremely excited about its ability to significantly reduce fraud. We look forward to seeing similar results for ACH transactions originating from our payment platform."

NorseCorp's eCommerce Fraud Prevention service empowers merchants to benefit from real-time intelligence on high-risk IP addresses. Driven by IPViking, the service is more powerful than competing fraud prevention solutions because it proactively gathers intelligence on IP addresses engaged in fraudulent and criminal activity before the transaction. IPViking's IPQ Score provides a real-time risk indicator for every Internet-based payment transaction, delivering real-time Internet intelligence to payment processors and merchants so they can accept real transactions and keep out the bad ones.

"Our eCommerce Fraud Prevention service works seamlessly at the payment gateway level to identify and block high-risk transactions before they occur," said Skip Foss, Chief Product Officer for NorseCorp. "The service addresses two essential aspects of effective fraud prevention. It offers accuracy in evaluating the legitimacy of the IP address behind any transaction, and it delivers that information in real time for automated decision-making, not manual review."

About Global eTelecom, Inc. (GETI)
Global eTelecom (GETI) provides proprietary electronic Check processing and Gift/Loyalty services to over 55,000 merchants nationwide. GETI's products are marketed through sales channels of banks, independent sales offices and credit card processors. GETI operates under the guiding principle that our highest priority is to protect the ISO-merchant relationship and we take great pride in our service and support levels to assist our valued partners. Global eTelecom's value added solutions include: Electronic POS Check Conversion, Paper Guarantee, ACH Debit, Checks-By-Phone, Checks-By-Web, Check 21 Remote Deposit Capture, mobile Tele-Debit and Gift/Loyalty Card Processing. GETI is part of Sage North America. For information, please visit

About NorseCorp
NorseCorp, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, is a provider of real-time Internet security intelligence solutions aimed at making the Internet safe for business. NorseCorp's patent-pending IPViking technology provides real-time intelligence about the risk of IP addresses attempting to engage in eCommerce, interact with a website or web application, or even transact business for small organizations or enterprises. The IPViking API runs over a cloud-based network, communicates with any programming language or platform, and easily integrates into existing IT environments. For more information about NorseCorp, visit

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