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Global Financial Meltdown Will Slow Down LNG Industry Growth Till 2011

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The current global economic slowdown has led to a decline in LNG imports and spot LNG purchases of most countries. Decline in LNG demand coupled with steady LNG production will lead to a LNG supply surplus to 2011-12. Even major importing companies like Osaka Gas Co., Ltd and Chinese petroleum Corporation have stopped or postponed spot purchases of LNG due to poor demand forecasts.


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Topics covered in the report include...
1 Table of Contents
    1.1 List of Tables
    1.2 List of Figures
2 GlobalData Viewpoint
    2.1 Summary
3 Global Financial Meltdown Will Slow Down LNG Industry Growth till 2011
    3.1 Decline in LNG Demand has Resulted in Dip in LNG Imports Globally
    3.2 Delays in Planned LNG Projects and Capacity Expansions across The
    3.3 Global LNG Production Growth to Be Lower Than Anticipated
    3.4 Conclusion
4 Recent Developments
    4.1 Apr 30, 2009: TEPCO Reports Operating Revenues Of JPY5,887.5
        Billion In Fiscal 2008
    4.2 Apr 09, 2009: Gazprom's Gas Demand May Drop 10% In Next Five Years
    4.3 Mar 30, 2009: Indonesia To Delay Delivery Of LNG From Tangguh Plant
        To June 2009
    4.4 Mar 24, 2009: Osaka Gas To Cut Down Purchase Of LNG
    4.5 Mar 16, 2009: Japan, South Korea And Taiwan To Sell Indonesian LNG
        Amid Reducing Demand
5 Appendix
    5.1 Methodology
    5.1.1 Coverage
    5.1.2 Secondary Research
    5.1.3 Primary Research
    5.1.4 Expert Panel Validation
    5.2 Contact Us
    5.3 About GlobalData
    5.4 Disclaimer
1.1 List of Tables
    Table 1:  Delayed LNG Project Details, April 2009
    Table 2:  Initially Planned and Modified LNG Capacities
              (Million Tonnes), 2008-11
1.2 List of Figures
    Figure 1: Original vs Revised Estimates of Planned LNG Liquefaction and
              Regasification Capacities (Million Tonnes), 2008 - 11
    Figure 2: GlobalData Methodology

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