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March 29, 2011 05:00 ET

Global Food Crisis Deepening, "Food Shock" Report From Provides Real Answers to Protect Your Health

THOMSON, IL--(Marketwire - March 29, 2011) - We are living in unstable times and a quick glance at the news dominating the headlines will attest to the volatile predicament we are now facing; escalating turmoil in the Middle East, potentially devastating radiation levels hanging over Japan following the deadly earthquake and tsunami, and an unsettling economic climate that has contributed to alarming unemployment rates within our own country are just a few of the issues but if we look closer there is a crisis deepening that could cause more damage than all of these problems.

The global food crisis is real, according to, and its impact on our daily life is anything but subtle as we have seen food prices increase steadily over the past few years and with a particularly harsh winter damaging global crop production and the threat of a drought looming over China, it's likely that we haven't seen the worst of the disaster.

Already we are seeing the price of essential food items like fruits and vegetables climb to levels that place them out of the reach of many Americans; wheat and corn crops have plummeted, contributing to a spike in the cost of beef, chicken, pork and other commodity prices; and the crops that are being grown simply don't contain the nutrition levels that we need, and in many cases are actually toxic to our body.

This isn't a Hollywood doomsday movie, it's the reality that we are all facing and unless we take responsibility for our own health then we could be forced to endure hardships that we could never envision. Those images we see on TV of countries enduring food riots, widespread malnourishment, and long food lines could soon become a reality within the United States, making it imperative that we fully understand how to counter the food price increases and secure our own consistent food supply source to protect not only ourselves but our families as well.

"Food Shock: Why 2011 Could Be The Most Important Year Ever To Plant A Family Garden," a special report on the food crisis now upon us, not only details the facts behind what has caused the existing increase in food prices but also reveals how just one event in a region could impact the rest of the world's food supply. The report, authored by founder Bill Heid along with political analyst and survival expert Brian Brawdy, also details the state of our current food supply quality, particularly its lack of nutrition and perhaps even more disturbing, its toxic makeup.

Of course "Food Shock: Why 2011 Could Be The Most Important Year Ever To Plant A Family Garden" isn't simply about the problem, but rather its focus is on the solution that can be implemented by any individual willing to take personal responsibility for their health and the health of their families. Tips, techniques, and preparation concerning how you can start and sustain a crisis garden to carry you through the difficult days ahead are all outlined in the special food crisis report.

Because of the magnitude of the food supply crisis and its threat to our way of life "Food Shock: Why 2011 Could Be The Most Important Year Ever To Plant A Family Garden" is being offered at no cost to those who sign up for the free weekly newsletter published by

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