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December 05, 2007 11:12 ET

Global General Technologies and Interactive Digital Media Group Sign Letter of Intent for Merger

New Company to Focus on Digital Signage With Mobile Interactivity With Projected Revenue of $9-$10 Million for 2008

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwire - December 5, 2007) - Global General Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: GLGT) announced today the signing of a non-binding Letter of Intent with privately-held Interactive Digital Media Group (IDMG), a digital media provider offering innovative multi-channel media advertising applications coupled with interactive mobile delivery of advertising on cell phones. Upon the completion of mutual due diligence, the two companies anticipate executing a binding Letter of Intent within the next ten days and final closing on or before December 31, 2007. Preliminary terms include a convertible preferred issue not convertible for a period of one year from time of closing and no reverse split.

Interactive Digital Media Group is in negotiations to acquire a revenue-producing digital media company with revenues of $9-$10 Million in 2008. Recently, IDMG initiated preparations for a rollout of its services with a marketing company with an installed contact base in the medical field. Interactive Digital Media Group has an immediate revenue opportunity in a number of shopping malls attracting more than 150 Million visits per year. The combination of Digital Signage, Interactive Mobile, and Behavioural Targeting "BT" through multiple Channels is rapidly addressing a wider selection of the Multi-Channel Advertising sector with verifiable response rates and multiple revenue streams:

--  Digital Signage provides -- Spot commercials, Sponsored content,
    Scheduling, Local News Feeds, Weather, Time, Information, Entertainment and
    medical content
--  Mobile Access -- Short Message Service "TXT," Multimedia Messaging
    Service "MMS," Web Application Protocol "WAP," Alerts and Short Code Access
--  Web Access is provided through -- Uniform Resource Locator "URL"
    Really Simple Syndication "RSS"
--  Call Center -- Interactive Voice Response "IVR," Speech-to-
    Text, Directory Assistance
--  Radio-Frequency Identification "RFID" -- Individual identification and
    recognition for affinity programs

Arbitron reports that consumers are open to using video displays with 68-81% of survey respondents saying they would like to see more displays with information on sales and specials, product information and special events. Not surprisingly, younger shoppers are the most appreciative and accepting of retail video with shoppers age 18-34 finding video screens to be helpful compared to 64% of adults over age 50. Significantly, 29% of retail viewers surveyed noted they were influenced by a video in a store that prompted an unplanned purchase.

Shopper behaviour research indicates that over two-thirds of key purchase decisions are made in the store, whether through the influence of video screens or just window-shopping. This fact and the known demographics of specific sites allow retailers and advertisers to precisely target their messages to an audience identified by geographic region, specific place, and time. Mobile Solutions for driving customer traffic and loyalty are in the form of mobile savings coupons and vouchers, sales alerts, store finders, gift finders, return purchasers, ticket sales (cinema), and dinner reservations.

Interactive mobile advertising is a relatively low-cost, yet highly effective, way to engage and activate consumers viewing traditional media. Most consumers have their handsets (not their PCs) with them at all times. As a result, users are more likely to respond to calls-to-action that give them the option of using wireless.

The advertising industry is awash with interest in using the "third screen" to deliver advertising. The Third Screen is considered the cell phone, after viewer usage of the television and computer. The "fourth screen" is considered to be any screen outside of the home. Interactive Digital Media Group's competitive advantage is in the interactive Mobile niche where advertising is delivered by mobile phone for convenient access to reservations, discount coupons, playing video, etc. IDMG is currently talking with a major TV network as a potential partner.

The size of the marketplace that Integrated Digital Media Group is participating in, according to Information Week, is projected to be $1.3 Billion by 2008. Specifically, growth in mobile advertisement is expected to grow to $4.4 billion by 2010. According to a recent Veronis Suhler Stevenson Forecast on the Communications Industry, communications spending is projected to grow at a Compounded Annual Growth Rate of 6.7% from 2006 to 2011, reaching $1.Trillion by 2011 with the majority of that growth coming from internet applications.

About Interactive Digital Media Group

Interactive Digital Media Group, headquartered in New York, was founded in 2006 and has invested the last 17 months in market analysis, relationships and concept development. The Corporate website ( is currently under construction and is expected to be on line within the next 10 days.

About Global General Technologies, Inc.

Global General Technologies, Inc. has operated in the past in the Intelligent Video surveillance market with an innovative perimeter defense security system. There is no known competitor that has implemented intelligent communications for a total integrated solution. Corporate website:

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