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February 13, 2007 10:06 ET

Global General Technologies Releases Shareholder Update and 2007 Revenue Forecast of $4-5 Million

Ramp Up of Revenues Expected From Initial Orders in China, India and United States

MIAMI, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 13, 2007 -- Global General Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: GLGT) released a shareholder update today on the company's business plan, international distribution, revenue forecast and upcoming corporate developments.

Global General Technologies, Inc. is in the Intelligent Video surveillance market with an innovative perimeter defense security system. There is no known competitor that has implemented Intelligent communications for a total integrated solution Through its wholly owned subsidiary, H7 Security Systems, Inc., Global General Technologies offers a high quality, durable intelligent surveillance system for perimeter defense security utilizing video, sound, seismic and thermal sensors and satellite technology from various manufacturers which is integrated into a real-time command and control system known as the Silent Soldier. The technologies are packaged with the company's proprietary Intelligent Communication Node (ICN) technology. GLGT evaluates the security threats and notifies the command and control center of potential intrusions. The highest quality and durable video, sound, seismic, and thermal sensors are combined with satellite technology and robotics to blanket a perimeter in surveillance equipment. The result is a command and control center that not only communicates with each piece of equipment on the perimeter, but communicates efficiently with command and control center personnel. The Silent Soldier system provides video surveillance to detect early movement and follow up with rapid threat identification, tracking, notification and prioritization through automated decision making in the field and not relying on command and control center action.

The Silent Soldier product offering is one of the most advanced early warning surveillance systems available on the market today. The Silent Soldier is the "Earliest" of Intelligence & Early Warning Surveillance systems for long-range incursions that allow for rapid responses in the prevention of terrorist attacks. H7's next-generation solution is designed to maximize intelligent communication, resource sharing, threat determination, sensor detection, and mission planning for high value locations with definitive perimeters such as refineries, oil pipelines, nuclear power plants, electric plants, marine terminals, storage tank farms, and harbor facilities The systems may be remotely operated on a manual basis via a secure web based interface, adding an additional layer of safety.

The base unit with video transmitted directed to a head end for local object tracking will sell for $150,000 without cameras. Options will include (OEM-based) local/remote RAID storage capability and DVR technologies. Advanced versions of the Silent Soldier will include the ICN and sensor technologies. These systems will sell for $100,000.Top end solutions include facial recognition, long range systems, advanced ICN technologies will sell for $250,000.

Global General Technologies anticipates revenue of $2,000,000 in the first twelve months after a successful beta site evaluation. The company expects an initial order for the Silent Soldier to be used for perimeter security at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo after evaluation. In conjunction with the Shanghai Jiia Tong University, the company has plans to integrate Silent Soldier technology into a remotely driven vehicle In addition, the company expects up to $3,000,000 to be generated by license agreements with international manufacturers. An additional $500,000 is forecasted to be generated by Research & Development contracts. The company is currently represented in the USA, Japan, China, and India and is actively pursuing representation in South America and Africa. Currently, Punjab Micro Circuits of India has plans to develop and resell a variety of Silent Soldier applications in India utilizing H7's technology and expertise.

Stephen Miller, President of H7, is an internationally recognized expert in biometric applications. He has developed numerous biometric systems and holds high profile design wins/. Miller has also led numerous development efforts between American and Japanese companies and has served as a technical advisor to many American and Asian companies. He has managed numerous software design teams for projects for companies ranging from Hitachi, USA to CyberStar, Inc.

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Global General Technologies, Inc., through its wholly owned subsidiary H 7 Security Systems, Inc., designs, implements and maintains high tech surveillance and warning systems for the prevention of terrorists attacks using its proprietary Intelligent Communication Node (ICN) that configures and analyses many forms of real time data that permits instantaneous response decisions. Global General Technologies, Inc trades on the OTC Bulletin Board under the symbol GLGT. The company hopes to design, implement and maintain homeland security systems internationally with a primary focus on perimeter security of large high value facilities. The company's website is

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