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October 25, 2010 09:26 ET

Global Health Ventures Reports Completion of Stability Test for X-Excite

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Oct. 25, 2010) - Global Health Ventures Inc. (OTCBB:GHLV) (the "Company") is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on sublingual (under the tongue) drug delivery. The Company is pleased to announce that it has completed one month drug stability test as required by European Regulatory Bodies for submission of X-Excite, the company's lead male sexual enhancement drug. In order to submit the drug for approval towards human trials, it is required that the Company provides drug stability under two different conditions (25 and 40 degree centigrade). Today, we are pleased to report that the results of the study were positive and met all the criteria listed by the agency. There has been no drug degradation or drug/excipients interaction either at 25 degrees with 60% relative humidity (RH) or at 40 degrees with 75% RH. Additionally, there has been no excipients degradation or discoloration under either temperature. This study shows that our product is remarkably stable and matches the best criteria for any drug in the solid dosage form. The study was conducted by a third party independent company under the International Committee of Harmonization (ICH) guidelines. The Company has now completed all the requirements to file with the European Regulatory Agency for approval. Once the company files for approval, it shall take 30 to 60 days to get approval. The Company will then initiate human clinical trials in Europe which shall take 2 to 3 months. After the completion of human clinical trials, the Company will be in a strong position to enter into partnership with a major pharmaceutical company who will take further responsibility for additional clinical trials and marketing of X-Excite.

"We are very excited with the results of this study and this completes our requirements for filing with the European Agency. We shall now proceed with the filing in the next few weeks. We already have a lot of interest from big pharmaceutical companies for X-Excite. We will be in a strong position to negotiate the deal with one of the big companies after we get approval and complete human clinical trials in Europe," said Dr. Hassan Salari, President & CEO.

About X-Excite

X-Excite is a new formulation of an existing sexual enchancement drug, which is designed to rapidly enter the blood system, maximizing its efficacy and performance. The drug is developed to work sublingually, thus having a more rapid mode of action, and bypassing all the inconveniences and many side effects associated with other application routs. Life style products, such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, etc are highly lucrative (nearly $5 billion), products for pharmaceutical companies. This lucrative market will continue to grow for the forseeable future. The arrival of our new drug (X-Excite) with its fewer side effects and the rapid mode of action meets and will exceed the market needs.

About Global Health Ventures

Global Health Ventures is a specialty pharmaceutical company with expertise in drug delivery and formulation. The Company has a proprietary platform technology for drug delivery via the sublingual (under the tongue) route. This unique method delivers drugs to the bloodstream quickly with minimal drug breakdown in the liver or gastrointestinal system, a process that can greatly reduce side effects associated with the drugs. The Company's lead therapeutic product is a male sexual enhancement drug that is delivered via sublingual route and is called X-Excite. In experimental studies, X-Excite has been shown to reach the blood stream rapidly, producing maximal effect and having less of the unwanted side effects associated with oral delivery route. X-Excite is presently in clinical development in Europe. The Company's second drug "Relax-B" is also under development in Canada for anxiety. And, the third drug will be an anti-migraine drug. The Company plans to use the same technology to deliver a vast number of other FDA approved and non-approved drugs that require faster delivery, or reduced hepatic and gastrointestinal side effects. These include stress relief, sleeping disorders, pain killers, anti-allergy medications, energy boosters and addiction replacement therapies.

Notice Regarding Forward Looking Statements - This press release includes forward-looking statements that involve a number of risks and uncertainties, including the success of the products in commercializing and developing. Further, the risks involve the ability of the Company to raise capital to fund its operations and the capital requirements for the development and marketing of its products. Investors are encouraged to review the risk factors listed or described from time to time in the Company's filings (10K) with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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