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Global In Vitro Diagnostics Testing Market to Jump to $74 Billion by 2018

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jan 13, 2015) - cites in its newly published "In Vitro Diagnostic Testing World Markets" report that the global in vitro diagnostics (IVD) testing market will jump to $74 billion by 2018. For more information, visit:

This report is an overview of the in vitro diagnostics medical testing (IVD) market. The areas covered in this study include:

  • Available and emerging technologies in the field,
  • The U.S. and global market size for in vitro diagnostic products, including Europe, South-East Asia & Japan, China, India and the BRIC markets,
  • The profiles of leading companies that are focusing on the diagnostic sector,
  • Key markets in the IVD sector, including: Point of Care, Molecular Diagnostics, Clinical Chemistry, Diabetes and Glucose Testing, Immunochemistry, Hematology, Coagulation, Pathology, Microbiology, Blood Banking, Histology & Cytology, and Data Management & Connectivity.

This review analyzes the size and growth of the important sectors of the diagnostics market, including the drivers and restraints that influence the various market segments, as well as the dollar volume of sales and market growth rates, both in the U.S. and worldwide.

This report includes the following features for each major IVD market segment:

  • It examines the generally accepted clinical analytical activities in use today in the IVD sector for diagnosis and management of disease. It includes the prevalent clinical-measurement devices and the accompanying reagents and supplies as utilized in hospitals and large reference and specialty Clinical Laboratory Improvements Act (CLIA) licensed laboratories, as well as physicians' offices and point of care testing.
  • It discusses the potential benefits of the diagnostics techniques for various sectors of the medical and scientific communities in serving patients and managing disease, and it assesses the market drivers and bottlenecks for IVD tests from the perspective of these communities.
  • It establishes the current total IVD market size and future growth of the diagnostics market for disease management, and analyzes the current size and growth of key segments.
  • It assesses various business models in diagnostics, including CLIA-licensed specialty labs, general reference labs and reagent kit marketing and provides strategic recommendations for near-term business opportunities.
  • It examines the roles played by companies that have invested significantly in this market, and it provides current and forecasted market shares by these companies.

Scope of the Report

The goal of this study is to review the market for IVD diagnostics testing equipment and supplies using reagents and instruments for analysis of individual components in body tissues and fluids. Toward this goal, this review answers the following key questions:

  • Identify and examine the major segments in IVD markets.
  • Which companies are utilizing new, cutting-edge technologies to develop, validate and market diagnostics tests for clinical use in disease management?
  • What are the current impediments to incorporating promising IVD tests into clinical practice?
  • Estimate the current and future U.S. and global markets for in vitro diagnostics for various disease sectors.
  • Examine market drivers that have resulted in the global race for new in vitro diagnostics.
  • Assess market opportunities and the potential market pertaining to IVD.
  • Understand the impact of current products and the future of the diagnostics industry.
  • Provide insight into the diagnostics products in the pipeline and the companies that strive to bring these products to the market in the immediate future.
  • Evaluate global activity of IVD with specific contributions from the top-ranking five country markets: U.S., Japan, Europe, China and ROW.
  • Identify the key players in the diagnostics industry and their contribution to this dynamic space.

Key questions answered in this study are:

  • What are the products that are included in the phrase "in vitro diagnostics"?
  • What disease conditions offer the greatest potential for diagnostics technology platforms?
  • What is the current global market for in vitro diagnostics?
  • How many companies are involved in the development of diagnostics products?
  • What market drivers are responsible for the global growth in IVD?
  • What regulatory and technical challenges are being confronted by the diagnostics industry?
  • What are the current promising developments in each major diagnostics sector?
  • What companies are involved in the development of IVD products?
  • What firms concentrate on each major IVD sector?

This report contains:

  • A discussion of current market opportunities for each major diagnostics products sector.
  • Examination of product development challenges confronted by the diagnostics industry.
  • The future direction of the emerging IVD products.
  • The overall picture of pipeline products in the diagnostics sector and the companies involved.
  • A market projection for global diagnostics products development.
  • Presentation of the global picture of the diagnostics products market with particular reference to the leading country markets, such as U.S., Japan, Europe and China.
  • A discussion of key firms engaged in developing and marketing diagnostics products.

This examination surveys most of the biotech companies known to be currently marketing, manufacturing or developing instruments and reagents for the diagnostics market for disease diagnosis and management, in both the U.S. and the world. Each company is discussed in depth, with sections on its history, product line, business and marketing analysis, and a subjective commentary of the company's market position. Market size, growth rates and market components for instruments, reagents, controls and consumables used in this area are also analyzed.

Also examined are:

  • Companies participating in the IVD sectors.
  • New technology platforms and diagnostic test kits.
  • Current trends in the IVD sectors.

The focus of this study is to describe the competitive landscape of in vitro diagnostics (IVD) market. This report provides an in-depth analysis of key technology and market trends operative in the IVD space, while analyzing the main drivers of growth in individual market segments, products and applications. Detailed charts with sales forecasts and marketshare data are included. For more information, visit:

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