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July 09, 2010 06:55 ET

Global Media Attention as Victoria Buckley Jewellery Protests "Unwarranted Censorship" by Facebook

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA--(Marketwire - July 9, 2010) -  In the wake of the global furor when Facebook banned breast-feeding photos, Facebook has now banned beautiful images of an unclothed doll on the Facebook page of leading Australian designer Victoria Buckley Jewellery, leading to an international media firestorm.

Soon after Sydney Morning Herald broke the story Facebook now bans doll nipples, the story was the #1 read story on the leading newspaper's site. Der Spiegel, London Evening Standard, and publications as far afield as Finland and Timor reported the extraordinary ban. France's Europe1 radio station described Facebook as "buffoons," while others referred to "American Puritanism."

The story has yet to break in the US.

Buckley received messages from Facebook saying images on her site were in contravention of their terms, referring to the nudity of the doll on her site.

"Facebook are behaving like philistines," says Victoria Buckley. "I was shocked when I saw the message from Facebook. These are exquisite dolls, prized by collectors around the world."

In fear of losing her Facebook page with over 2,000 fans, Victoria censored the offending photos with a black band over the doll's breasts, and posted the original images on a new Facebook group 'Save Ophelia -- exquisite doll censored by Facebook' to gain support for the artwork.

Facebook swiftly deleted the doll images on the Save Ophelia group, then shut down the protest group with its quickly acquired 500 members. It then deleted the already sanitized photos from her company page, making Facebook more conservative than publications in countries such as Indonesia that have shown the images.

"All along I have had absolutely no way of responding. I searched for ages to find out how I can contact Facebook to resolve this, but there is simply no way -- they are faceless," says Buckley.

Because she cannot risk her company page being shut down, Buckley has also removed links to all the international media that have covered the story.

These leading media organisations have freely used the supposedly controversial images. Since thumbnail images from links show up on Facebook pages, linking to major media sites could jeopardize Buckley's precious connection to her fans if Facebook uses this as a reason to close her page down.

About the doll
The doll was created by Marina Bychkova of Enchanted Doll. Marina's exquisite dolls have been featured in dozens of art and culture magazines around the world, trading for as much as $40,000.

About Victoria Buckley Jewellery
Victoria Buckley Jewellery's high-end boutique in Sydney is a mecca for jewellery lovers from around the world. She has an international reputation for how she brings fairy tales, myths and enduring quotes to life through unique talismans.

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