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January 29, 2008 11:26 ET

Global Networks Corp. Initiates Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listing

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - January 29, 2008) - Global Networks Corp. (PINKSHEETS: GBNW) is pleased to announce that it has taken the initial steps to list its shares to trade on the Frankfurt stock exchange. The Frankfurt listing further allows European investors to buy shares in local currency and helps establish a more significant presence in Europe for GBNW.

We are excited to be listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and look forward to the increased exposure the listing will provide," said Shawn Balaghi, President of GBNW. "The Frankfurt listing, combined with upcoming conferences in Germany later this year, at which GBNW representatives will speak, should increase awareness of GBNW in Europe and posture the company for significant growth."

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FWB) is one of the world's largest trading centres for securities. Operated by the Deutsche Boerse AG, FWB as the largest of all Germany stock exchanges is responsible for approximately 90 percent of the securities trading volume in Germany. The Frankfurt Stock Exchange facilitates advanced electronic trading, settlement and information systems and enables cross-border trading for international investors.

Shawn Balaghi, President of GBNW, stated, "The Frankfurt listing marks a further step in the company's evolution. Our global business development strategy is accompanied by a commitment to our investors to facilitate trading and, over time, enhance the liquidity of our common shares. There is established interest and expertise in Frankfurt in technical and high-growth companies, and Frankfurt, as well as being a major global financial centre has the benefit of being located in the Eurozone. This is one of many initiatives we are taking to increase market awareness for our Company and value for our investors. Several potential European investors have suggested that a Frankfurt listing will make it easier for them to invest in our Company. In addition, these potential investors contribute two important aspects to the table -- those are, they tend to have reputations of being long-term investors, and they have an interest in helping us to distribute our products in Europe, which with more than a thousand casinos and resorts based in Europe, could emerge as one of Global's most important markets in the future."

Server-based gaming: Industry Outlook

By now, most gaming insiders have come to recognize the term "Server-Based Gaming". Server-based gaming is a new technology that allows casinos and other gaming venues to control their slot floor remotely with a few quick keystrokes.

The benefits of this simple concept are fantastic.

Casino management can change game title availability, bet limits, rules, and other options instantaneously instead of requiring days of downtime. A nearly unlimited number of games can be offered on each machine, including blackjack, roulette and other table games as well as slots, keno, bingo, video poker and sports wagering. The inevitable switch to server-based gaming will allow casinos to reduce by massive amounts the associated overhead of their gaming operations. Casinos will require fewer game machines and fewer employees to service them. Casinos will reduce the size and expense of their costly live gaming pits by moving off their lower-limit action to machines that simulate table games. Tied in with a rewards program, casinos will be able to market to each player individually right at their machine.

Players will love the change as well.

No longer will they have to search around the casino for their favorite games, because all their games will be on every machine. Players can almost never find their favorite games in the environment they like... they may have to go to the smoking section, or to the bar machines, or to machines located in hot or cold areas of the casino. Now players will be able to play whatever they like wherever they like. Consider also, a slot machine will no longer be just a game... it is a whole new communication interface with the customer, where the customer might buy show tickets or make spa or restaurant reservations, get driving directions to the mall, view advertising, buy internet time, or even complete his express hotel checkout. Not only will the machines produce unprecedented revenue, but the potential for applications seems almost endless.

The world's markets are listening.

Wall Street analysts say casino operators are very much in favor of the new technology, and slot floors will begin the transformation in early 2009. Analysts also say the gaming industry as a whole is healthy and growing, especially in Asia, where Macau recently surpassed Las Vegas in gaming revenue. Macau is expected to generate over $11 billion in gaming revenue per year by the end of the decade. Singapore has recently legalized gaming. Japan, Vietnam, and South Korea seem to be on that path as well. Las Vegas is growing as well, as are many other regions of the United States. California, Illinois, Florida and Indiana are expanding gaming. Pennsylvania has just legalized casino gaming.1 The industry as a whole experiences extremely stable cash flow between growth periods, and the future looks very good for investors.

Global Networks Corp. is at the forefront.

Global Networks Corp. (GBNW) is a publicly traded software development company at the forefront of the server-based gaming revolution for land-based casinos. As well as developing proprietary software for use in land-based Casinos. Global Networks has positioned itself to be one of the primary technological providers for the burgeoning server-based gaming market. Global's competitive advantage is that the products they have developed and acquired have been specifically designed to take advantage of a worldwide demand for the technology, and their product line is wide enough to satisfy many casinos entire slot floor needs.

Products are produced in many different languages, with a focus on the Asian and European languages where the most gaming sector growth is expected to occur. As well, the products fully support multi-currency play and include games specifically designed for players in different geographical regions.

As far as Global's strength of product line goes, many observers have commented that what Global has is a whole "casino-in-a-box", with everything a player could want in a slot floor gaming platform. This will make the product a strong choice for casino companies, and especially for start-up casinos and small casinos that would rather not have to deal with a multitude of gaming product suppliers.

Global networks has also diversified into new gaming platforms, including the touch-screen tablet PC casino where the user can play at the hotel pool, hotel room, and the sit-down sports betting kiosk where users can make bets at casinos who don't want the associated expense of a large sports-book.

With billions of dollars up for grabs in this upcoming wholesale industry switchover, Global Networks has readied itself well to become an industry leader and drive business and production trends in server-based gaming.

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