Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GOPAC)

Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GOPAC)

November 10, 2012 16:00 ET

Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption Calls for Parliamentarians and Civil Society to Unite to Develop National Anti-Corruption Plans in Countries Around the World

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Nov. 10, 2012) - The Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GOPAC) challenged parliamentarians and civil society around the world to work together to forge national anti-corruption plans during the GOPAC panel session at the 15th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) in Brasilia, Brazil today.

"The fight against corruption must be a joint effort with parliamentarians and civil society collaborating and sharing ideas," said Dr. Naser Al Sane, Chair of GOPAC. "Only through this collaboration can we ensure that we are effective in reducing corruption throughout the world."

Panellists shared their experiences from around the globe - including the Arab Region, Latin America, and the emerging state of Timor Leste. Guests at the session were invited to join in the dialog to find strategies that ensure that the concerns of the citizenry are reflected in government policy.

Following the session, GOPAC Chair Dr. Naser Al Sane addressed the IACC closing plenary. It focussed on our shared responsibility to work towards a fair and sustainable future.

"Corruption is a monster in our society today and we need to empower both citizens and parliamentarians with the knowledge and tools necessary to vanquish corruption," concluded Dr. Naser Al Sane.

GOPAC is a worldwide alliance of parliamentarians working together to combat corruption, strengthen good government, and uphold the rule of law. Based in Ottawa, Canada, GOPAC has 50 national chapters on 5 continents. GOPAC supports its members' efforts through original research, global anti-corruption capacity building, and international peer support.

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